Junsu Mexico Concert Report

[Trans in ENG] JYJ KIM JUNSU on Worldwide Tour, “OMG~ JUNSU” as many as 3500 Mexican Girls – tears and swoon”Cielito Lindo! (Beautiful sky, he is coming down)”

A whopping 3500 Mexican girls started singing Mexico’s traditional song “Cielito Lindo” at the Auditorio BlackBerry in Mexico City on Septemper 6 8:00 pm. It was to welcome Kim Junsu from JYJ, who was holding a solo concert in Mexico as the first korean singer.

With lights turned off and music video of TARANTELLAGRA showed, the audience began to sing along the song and shook glow sticks and red ballons. As Kim Junsu came on the stage with a costume showing his chest and started singing ‘Breath,’ the audience cried out loudly. At the time of granting 3 wishes for the audience two fans fell unconscious and were carried to hospital.

Kim Junsu passionately sang ‘the last dance’ from the musical Elizabeth, ‘I am I am music’ and ‘Why don’t you love me?’ from the musical Mozart. He shouted “Gracias” over and over. When he sang the last song ‘Fallen Leaves,” fans began crying. After the concert finished, they shook the banner which said “Thank you for coming. Please come back again. I love you.”

After the concert, Huanita(19.female) said, “I hope Junsu could feel our love. I eat Korean food and study Korean two hours a day because I want to feel more familiar to him.” And Monse(19.female) said, “It took about 6 hours to get to the venue by a bus rent by 50 members of a fanbase that I’m running.”

A day before the concert, as many as 500 fans gathered and held a festival at the Mexico Park. With singing the Mexican traditional song Besame Mucho, the fans raised up colorful banners and Korean flags to welcome Kim Junsu. And, Alexis Repurt from a Mexican private broadcast service TV Azteca said, “American pop is still dominant, but we have to pay attention to K-pop gaining its ground.”

Cr. daily newspaper Donga

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