WOW. And this is why I love black-haired Jaejoong @mjjeje JYJ

…And this is why I love black haired Jaejoong…

beautiful jaejoong 2011

…wow… Look at this kid!  I mean… look at this man!  And he was the furthest away, out of the 5, from the “type” of guy my eyes were attracted to when I first came to know who TVXQ was. Guys with tattoos and piercings or pretty guys are not my style… but this guy… man, that doesn’t even matter! (I guess this is how grown folk “spazz”. 😛  LOL!)

I was attracted to his personality before I started to care about his features.  Don’t get me wrong, you DO notice Jaejoong’s features first. But at the time of my TVXQ discovery, I didn’t care about all that because many cute guys have terrible personalities.  And after a while, you don’t even wanna be around them. 

But Jaejoong has a very cool, seemingly open and accepting type of personality: playful, thoughtful, with very deep emotions. All of this is my perception of what I’ve seen, mind you.  Out of the 5, he’s probably the one most likely to marry or date outside of his race; probably the most likely to be attracted to all kinds of women (younger/older); probably the least likely to date someone his parents picked out for him; etc.

All of these things I came to “think” over time.  I have no idea if they’re actually true or not.  But he gives fans the hope to explore the full depths he appears to have.  And overtime, I have grown to really like this kid’s personality (I just like calling him “this kid…” Kekeke), despite the tattoos… and the piercings… and the smoking…. and the drinking… sooo NOT anything like even the type of friends I usually hang around. LOL!

However, when I first saw these pics above, I literally drew in my breath for the second (small gasp) because he is so striking.  Those photos are….. I just have to say: THAT’S IT! THAT’S THE LAST DAMN STRAW! I’M THROUGH! I’m just… through.  Since when did I even start to like “beautiful” guys?! WTF? Haha! Dude, Jaejoong seems to be the only person that can even get me to consider “beautiful” guys as attractive.

He is standing, perched beautifully right on the line between beauty and masculinity.  He is like his own twin; like 2 Jaejoongs in one.  (I wonder if he was supposed to be a twin?)

There’s something which comes out or is more pronounced when his hair is black.  I’m serious.  I can’t explain it, but go back and look at all the pics of him with black hair/dark eyes.  Like this one:
black haired jaejoong
…look at him… good lord.

It must have something to do with the contrast between his jet black hair and super-white skin (boy could use some color though, teehee)… and those in-set eyes looking like they can see right through everything you want to hide from him.  Makes me wonder if he can look at someone and tell if they really like him or if they’re just doing what’s “popular” by saying good things to him. 

This kid makes me wonder about a lot of things… and makes me pay attention to things I’d never even thought of before. For example, it freaked me out to realize there are guys who actually pay a LOT of attention to women’s hands; like its a deal-breaker if your hands aren’t “beautiful”.  I was like, “Seriously? Damn. Why was I chosen for family dish-duty so often in my teens?  I should have used more moisturizer…”  Kekeke. Stuff like THAT.

And these pics — these candid photos of a guy with a confident and welcoming cuteness — show an ethereal beautifulness wrapped in beautiful packaging.


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