KARA Sues DSP: 4 Members want out of DSP Media Ent rule

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Reports of KARA splitting from their agency, DSP Media Entertainment, has sent shockwaves throughout the music industry. The members of KARA, excluding leader Gyuri, reasoned that they had lost their confidence in their relationship with DSP Media Entertainment, and that it could never be regained again.

Landmark, KARA’s lawyers, reported on January 19th:

Despite KARA receiving much love from their activities in both Korea and Japan, the members have experienced inexplicable pain that brought them to this decision. They’ve held it in for a long time, but in order to protect their rights and their future, the members have decided to part ways from their company.

KARA has tried their absolute best in compromising with their company prior to their decision, but their agency used their power in forcing the members to fulfill schedules that they did not want, and continuously added activities on top of a loaded schedule without prior consent or discussion. The psychological damages that the members were forced to endure cannot be explained in words, and their efforts have gone to waste. Their misery is severe, and they can no longer remain under such a company, which is why they decided to declare their withdrawal.

Trust is the most important aspect of a relationship between an agency and its artist, but the agency has been using KARA as a way <a href=”http://jyj3.wordpress.com/2011/01/19/news-4-karas-members-filed-to-terminate-their-contract-with-dsp/#” class=”FAAdLink” id=”FALINK_3_0_2″>to make money. A variety of issues that have not been stated are still present. The agency has decided the majority of the girls’ celebrity activities without any sort of discussion or meeting, and has rejected requests asking for explanations or for proper documents. Their relationship has been destroyed to the point that it could never be restored again.

Representatives of DSP Media commented, “This is ridiculous, we are not sure what went wrong. We have yet to understand the situation. We’ll be releasing an official statement soon.

However, because Park Gyuri is not joining the members’ lawsuit, it’s expected to have an impact on KARA’s future activities. KARA is currently filming for their Japanese drama, “URAKARA,” and has been juggling activities both in Korea and Japan. With the group being split into 4:1, many are expecting a variety of different issues to stem from this lawsuit.

Source + Photos: Star Today, Star News via AKP

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