Looks like QTV is run by a bunch of wimps.  Word came from JYJ’s people that QTV is refusing to air the reality-style special.  

JYJ is enjoying massive appeal despite being blocked by a few chickens, who run broadcast networks, too afraid of their own shadow to do what’s in their own best financial interest by allowing the guys to appear on their various entertainment programs.

QTV apparently wants no part in JYJ’s continued public illustration that an ex-SM artist can be massively successful without the SM-name (or AVEX for that matter).



We’d like to inform you of QTV’s cancellation [of Real JYJ 24]. Real TV that was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans was cancelled.

JYJ’s Real TV was scheduled to air in February, but today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air (방송 불가) it.

We apologize to fans that were looking forward to JYJ’s Real TV after QTV distributed press release and PR materials.

QTV’s footage of JYJ will be handed over (귀속) to C-Jes Entertainment, and we will do our very best to deliver the footage to fans as early as possible.

Thank you.

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