CJeS, the company working with JYJ in their current endeavors, have publicly responded to the cancellation of QTV’s JYJ Real24 special series according to translated reports.

The representative told NewsEN that the cancellation is the same cause as every other problem they’ve run into since JYJ sued SM Entertainment for unfair contracting practices.

Despite a court ruling in favor of JYJ on a number of issues so far – and slapping a huge fine on SM for each time they interfere with JYJ’s activities – some broadcasters are still behaving like wimps by not airing JYJ content in Korea.

Or worse, they actually began shooting a project and after finalizing it, the higher-ups send word down that they won’t air whatever it is they’ve started.  

The CJeS rep said they filmed JYJ for 2 months in preparation for this special series before they got word that QTV all of a sudden is refusing to air the show for reasons everyone can guess at this point.

The problem is people like the ones in charge of QTV may have aligned themselves with SM, a company who has rapidly gained an awful reputation for totalitarian-style practices and ridiculous profit-sharing terms.

It doesn’t matter how much QTV may have WISHED to work with JYJ.  What matters are their actions and what they decided to DO when faced with the decision to either air the shows, or anger SM.

If SM is the cause of this latest cancellation, that means SM is trying to control QTV’s programming.  SM need networks in order to showcase SM artists.  If network owners get tired of being controlled by SM (or other big entertainment companies), they can refuse to show ANY of SM’s artists.  

Turn the tables and see how stubborn SM can be if some or a majority of networks refuse to air content from new artists they(SM) want to highlight, or established artists they want to milk.  In addition, SM can get into a financial catastrophe if network after network report evidence to the court of each time  they(SM) are interfering with JYJ’s activities.

Whatever the reason, it’s not a business decision to block JYJ.   Its a personal grudge SM has against these three because they didn’t fall off the radar after filing the lawsuit.  JYJ has soared in popularity in both Korea and Japan, and in some instances, JYJ’s creations are getting more attention than SM projects involving the other two members.

With Junsu’s outstanding musical ticket sales and high praise, Yoochun’s highly successful and award-winning drama debut, Jaejoong’s drop-dead “Intermodulation”, his ability to sell magazines by the truckload as well as any trinket he so much as takes a photo of and posts on twitter, SM may be very bitter.

But SM brought this on themselves and cannot see that they continue to solidify people’s anger towards the company with their actions.

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Anyway, here’s the article:

JYJ’s representative revealed his position on the cancellation of JYJ’s reality program.

In a phone interview with NewsEn, JYJ’s rep stated, “we received the notification of their refusal to air the program yesterday, and the reason is what the reason that everyone knows about. This has happened to us too many times and we do not blame QTV.”

Furthermore, the representative requested, “we really put a lot of effort into filming to show the members visiting Junsu’s musical and happily spending their days. We filmed for almost two months and we’re really disappointed, but I hope fans will understand the situation.”

He also stated, “the most important thing is showing fans, who’ve waited for the program, what we’ve filmed. Whether it be through on-line or another network, we are looking for ways to show fans what we have filmed.”

Meanwhile, JYJ’s agency CJES Entertainment posted in its official website on March 1st that “Real TV, which was intended to show JYJ’s real life to bridge the gap between JYJ and the fans had been canceled.”

CJES stated, “JYJ’s Real TV was scheduled to air in February, but today we got a notice from QTV that they cannot air it. We apologize to fans that were looking forward to JYJ’s Real TV after QTV distributed press release and PR materials.”

The program was planned to consist of a total of 8 episodes, and had gathered a lot of interest from fans because it was a reality program that was supposed to show the members’ every day lives by following them 24/7. The program was supposed to reveal the members’ houses, something that hasn’t been revealed before on television.

Fans, who have been waiting for the program, could not hide their disappointment at the cancellation notice. Fans have been criticizing QTV, stating things such as, “let us at least hear the reason behind this,” “how can you suddenly cancel after advertising the program,” “and I knew this would happen since the postponement.”

Original article. Nate News

Translation by. withJYJ (@_withjyj)



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