Are the two members of tvxq2 pushing a lame excuse for why JYJ (Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong) had to file a lawsuit against SM?  Recent news would suggest that the two SM-protected artists are trying to blame “young age” as the reason for why JYJ finally had to speak out against SM Entertainment.

At first, SM sought to blame cosmetics company CreBeau as the reason for why JYJ filed suit.  However, since the Court has cleared CreBeau and ruled it defamatory to suggest they were the cause,  SM has switched to another excuse. 

JYJFiles documented instances where the two SM-backed members of TVXQ have blamed ‘fame at a young age’ as the reason why JYJ split from SM. Thus, putting all the blame for the entire situation on JYJ shoulders.

Both Jung Yunho or Shim Changmin are publicly behaving as if they never had any problem whatsoever with SM’s treatment.  Did they themselves ever have any criticisms against SM?  Or did JYJ simply dream up the fact that Jung and Shim, too, were unhappy with SM at one point?

According to a report by JYJFiles, the “new accusations against JYJ’s characters” have been spread by none other than the two members.  For some fans, statements made by Shim Changmin in Chosun Ilbo — the largest newspaper in South Korea — seemed to be the last straw to calling the two out for making such statements.

Can you watch your “brothers” suffering while you protect the ones who caused the problem?  I’m not sure if I could ever do that. But apparently not everyone feels the way I do.

Translated statements attributed to Shim Changmin in Chosun Ilbo (March 22 2011) say that the youngest member made a comment about JYJ “needing the ability to discern right from wrong”.  Again, this is based on translated statements Shim reportedly made to the newspaper.  Here’s the excerpt:

QUESTION: The fans will be curious about the story of TVXQ after the three members withdrew.

SHIM CHANGMIN: …It makes me ask the question ‘For many years that we’ve worked, I’ve stayed the same.  I’ve lived well so far without any troubles, but why has the team become like this?’ 

Idol singers who debut at a young age come to possess many things that others of that age cannot, and at the same time, face much temptations.  I see it as [JYJ] needing the ability to discern right from wrong and the ability to make good judgment.

Shim Changmin says he’s “lived well so far without any troubles”.  Are we to believe that Shim Changmin had no problems whatsoever with SM? That everything was just great and he’s lived well without any hardships from SM?  If so, how can members of the same group, who spent most of their time together, have suffered two totally different existences under SM? 

It would have been fine if the youngest cut his comments right there.  But he went on to criticize JYJ as needing to learn right from wrong and gain the ability of good judgment. 

Judging from the information revealed through several Court decisions AGAINST SM so far, I think it’s somebody else who needs to learn the art of good judgment. Or at least learn how to accept what’s right in front of you.

A number of accusations against SM have already been proven in Court: 2 injunctions filed by SM being dismissed; the initial court decision citing the unfair contract terms; facts coming out in Court recently that SM haven’t paid members in full for sales of Mirotic; etc, etc. etc. 

So what does tvxq2 members have to say about the specifics?  Well, probably, nobody has been allowed to ask these two about the specifics.  That would ruin whatever excuse SM wants out there.

Jung Yunho appeared on the show Knee Drop Guru (yeah, I know the name is a bit…) at the beginning of March and also gave this same rather ridiculous excuse for why JYJ had problems with SM.  For starters, to many people’s amazement, he claimed he had no idea JYJ would file a lawsuit against SM. 

It’s here where the designated “leader” also gave the “young age” excuse.  Excerpt from the translated show appearance:

JUNG YUNHO:  At the time, it was quite… a shock.  When [JYJ] filed the [lawsuit] against SM, we also hadn’t known.  When we heard about this without having known, it as a bit saddening.

HOST:  So why has this come to happen?  I want to hear your personal thoughts, Yunho.

JUNG YUNHO:  Somehow we… at a young age… very much so, suddenly, ‘whoosh,’ achieved great success.  Even in Japan we really had very good results… And because we were swept up in that atmosphere… it seems that we’ve come to the current situation that you know… So, from my perspective, my heart hurts, very much.

Now imagine being Jaejoong, or Yoochun, or Junsu and hearing members who you’ve shared everything with (even underwear) saying they had no idea you were having problems, and acting as if your youth and inability to discern right from wrong was the reason why you chose to break from SM.  Imagine how much their heart hurts to hear that coming from their “leader”.

And don’t even get me started on the asinine comments attributed to the fathers of both Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho who both publicly blamed CreBeau for this situation. Translated comments attributed to Shim Changmin’s father even included the words “…so that the three members will no longer abandon their common sense, morality, and faith.” How hateful.

CreBeau didn’t control JYJ’s schedules.  CreBeau isn’t the one who DIDN’T pay them for months.  CreBeau isn’t the one who DOESN’T pay them for public appearances on tv shows.  CreBeau didn’t make the money they made in Japan magically disappear (see lyrics to Yoochun’s ‘Untitled’ song).

Maybe the two members of tvxq2 don’t have a problem with SM controlling what they do, or taking 90% (or whatever) of the money they’ve generated, or not paying them for their album sales?  In addition, there are things which have happened since then, like SM forging the names of the 3 members on a contract in China , SM accusing Junsu of taking an advance in order to fund the lawsuit against them, and the company still owing members thousands of dollars for the sales of their Mirotic album .

I have attempted to refrain from going directly at these two because they chose to protect SM in the face of such facts. But I think current and repeated public statements from them are starting to get on the nerves of people who initially wanted to give them their space. 

JYJ aren’t being allowed to defend themselves on shows in Korea for fear of upsetting SM.  So for right now they can’t give their opinions in the same arena as the 2 members.  This inherent disadvantage is why the tipping point has been reached for fans who now highlight the disparaging comments coming from the 2 SM-backed members.

People have to make business decisions and for whatever reason, Shim Changmin and Jung Yunho decided to stay with SM (for now?) .  But the tvxq2 members aren’t simply saying JYJ had different opinions, or different goals or that JYJ made their own business decision.  The two SM-backed members are personally attacking JYJ members’ ability to discern right from wrong, and their ability to make rational judgments because they dared to raise their heads and speak up. 

It’s disappointing but I do agree with JYJFiles’ analysis that JYJ’s moral character is being criticized.  That is entirely unacceptable, especially coming from 2 members who now seem to claim no knowledge whatsoever that a lawsuit would be filed, or that JYJ’s numerous problems with SM were serious enough to warrant such an action.

What’s heartbreaking about this situation is that if the 2 members ever find themselves at odds with SM in the future, the other 3 members would welcome them with open arms, and probably love and protect them as if there was no separation.  So imagine how JYJ might feel right now to hear their two “brothers” publicly blaming a lack of character for why SM couldn’t keep a leash on them?

How ridiculous.

There is much more I want to say personally, but I ain’t gonna go there… for now.

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