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Right now, reportedly other SM artists are taking the opportunity to criticize Junsu for tweeting about an unnamed “enemy”, and about this unnamed person (or persons) showing deference to someone he thought this person saw as an “enemy”. 

Well other SM artists are taking to the internet and jumping into this dispute as if their opinion at this time is supposed to mean anything when they couldn’t or wouldn’t speak up as unfair treatment was being heaped onto Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong.

Super Junior’s Shindong is claimed to have tweeted in response to Junsu’s post, accusing Junsu of not being “grateful” or showing “ingratitude”.  And apparently he’s not the only one to post vague things which can only relate to the current situation between JYJ and SM.  The names of BoA, Sim Jaewon (whoever that is *eye-rolling*)  and a vague post from Sungmin have also been floating around as well.

Jaewon is reported to have written “I can’t just hold back any longer.. Hey, little brother, that’s not right at all.. Who do you think you are pointing fingers at?  Don’t act like you’re so upset.  Who’s the real one that’s hurt in here…?  So ungrateful, how could you do this?””

Frankly, if “big brother” would have stood up to SM before now, then maybe “little brother” wouldn’t have to be the one with the balls to do it.  Oh snap! Yes I did go there because somebody has to say it.

This shouldn’t even be a problem JYJ should have to deal with.  So many other “hyungs” and “noonas” have been under SM’s bootheels years before now but couldn’t, didn’t, or never even thought of putting their livelihoods on the line. Only a handful of other artists before have sued SM; one of those people – who now reportedly has financial ties to SM – has expressed criticism for JYJ’s actions. Surprise, surprise…

Most of these people shouldn’t even open their damn mouths about whether Junsu is grateful or not because he started giving his life to that company when he was 12 (if I remember the bio correctly).  That’s half his life already. He’s been training longer and harder than most of the people who are acting a damn fool about his twitter post. So, while they can express their opinion, they have no real basis whatsoever to even question Junsu’s intentions. 

At a certain point, the gratefulness… the indebtedness… is repaid in full.  The amount of time Junsu has given to SM, the amount of money that golden voice of his has generated for SM is repayment enough for any indebtedness he may have felt. 

Because someone once gave you an opportunity, does that mean you should be “grateful” to them until you draw your last breath? Even if they control you (until you’re no longer useful to them), take most of your earnings, and bash you in public if you so much as question them?  

Maybe someone should tell certain members of certain other groups that a person can be “grateful” without being a glorified slave.

… I’m sure there are people genuinely grateful to Kim Jong Il too…

Furthermore, I didn’t hear a damn positive word from these people on any other subject in relation to Junsu or JYJ since this whole controversy began.  They apparently never made posts congratulating Junsu or JYJ on their debut in America, or their sales, or the fact that they’ve ventured into twitter-land, or anything.  But when they want to criticize him, they run their happy asses to the web and act like they have something glorious to say now.  F_ck that. 

If they supposedly were so close to Junsu waaay back in the day, then allow Junsu his breathing room in a situation like this until it is resolved.  Them commenting about him is NOT like us commenting about him.  They’re not some random dudes from off the street whose opinion has the same impact (or non-impact) as our opinions.  And they should take whatever blow-back they get as a result because they should have stayed out of it.

I’ve NEVER heard of Junsu posting anything even remotely derogatory or hateful about anyone else, in any other group, on any topic. 

Junsu could be calling all of them cowards for talking about SM behind SM’s back and not having the courage to stand up to them; not that Junsu would ever do that. Or he could be accusing “them” of turning their backs on his friendship because he chose to fight when they didn’t, not that Junsu would ever do that either.

Junsu could have thrown your asses to the wind and spoke about some of the bad things he’s heard these people say when they were all going through tough times at SM.  But Junsu isn’t doing any of that.  He didn’t even name anybody in his tweets!  These people don’t even know for certain who Junsu is talking about!  I mean, seriously!

Talk about loyalty! Is there any loyalty to Junsu, Jaejoong and Yoochun?  JYJ probably treated some of these people like treasured “hyungs” and listened to their complaints about SM.

Friendship is like flowers and cotton-candy when everybody is the on the same level and hard decisions have not been made. But it’s times like this when you can see the full depth of a friendship.  You don’t have to root for JYJ, but don’t try to trip them up either.

Remember that saying, ‘its always darkest before dawn’. If that holds true, then JYJ must be getting ready for a massive victory because this current $hitstorm blew up out of nowhere, specifically when SM apparently decided to market “TVXQ” as a new 2 member group and alienate its humongous fanclub.

I don’t blame Cassiopeia for making certain painful decisions after being cornered and alienated by SM.  But again, all of that includes people actually involved in direct actions from SM.  However, to jump in the middle of this dispute, and even REMOTELY appear to be criticizing Junsu for trying to understand the actions of some unnamed person he thought he was on the same page with, is unacceptable.

All of this, ALL OF IT, is just further confirmation to me that these guys are destined to do the things that other people are too cowardly to do.  Whether or not you agree with their method of suing SM, if that was the only way to start this journey then so be it.  There has been a cascade of other information revealed about SM and it’s practices, but nobody wanted to say or do anything in this recent cycle of hopeful kids until Jaejoong, Junsu and Yoochun spoke up. As a result, people like Hangeng (who may have also been feeling enslaved) followed their path and opened up a place for himself as a result.

And I will NEVER look unfavorably on someone who has the balls to put their lives, livelihood and respect on the line to stand up for themselves.  If you can take the SM rule, then keep your head down and go about your business.  But I despise the actions of anyone who actively criticizes someone whose fight could end up making their own lives better as a result.


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