soompi post: Jan 6 2011

Ever so often I do post on soompi forums. Some of those posts could actually fit in my blog area.  So I’ll just report them here.  Here’s my 2nd one from Jan 6 2011:

I can’t help but to think that this is exactly what SM wants: people at each other’s throats and to get rid of the people who don’t support what SM wants them to support.

Love Min and Yunho. However, “TVXQ” will never be a 2 member group (or a 3 member group). That’s just the way it is to a lot of people and they shouldn’t feel bad about feeling that way either. Trying to interfere with Cassiopeia or marketing TVXQ as a 2 member group (if that’s what SM is doing) and taking advantage of Yunho’s and Changmin’s hard work is totally unacceptable.

SM wants to take control of the community of fans and the one surefire way to do so is to split the community. DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Did I not read numerous posts all over the internet about this very thing when this situation first happened? SM seems to be banking on the hope that most fans will drop support for JYJ when forced to choose, or be too excited about Yun and Min to care about anything else. Or maybe SM just doesn’t care and wants to push out the fans who they see as traitors who supported JYJ.

What I can tell from SM’s actions is that whoever is handling this dispute on their part is spiteful, hateful and should be fired. If something happens to one of these guys during this fight… let’s just say I wouldn’t so much as spit on an SM executive if they burst into flames right in front of me. Yeah, its kinda that serious to me.

We’ve got 3 people who put their future careers as artists on the line because they had to speak up for themselves; and 2 people who just wanted to do their jobs and not get involved in all this back-and-forth. And NONE of this would have happened if SM hadn’t treated them all like crap.

If SM can get all us at each other’s throat, then we’ll get off of their butts about causing this situation in the first place. HECK NO!! My laser-like focus is on the real problem: SM. They are the sole cause for all of this. Their totalitarian rule over the careers of these kids (now grown men) is unacceptable.

Make me choose? HECK NO. Despite my mixed feelings about this, BUCK SM (ha! that’s not a curse word)

SM is the problem. They’ve already got a court decision against them when the court found serious problems with their contracts and blocked them from interfering in the decisions of Junsu Yoochun and Jaejoong during the course of this dispute. They’ve already been smacked down about their 13 year contracts. And they’ve lost in the case against Hangeng.

The more I think about it, how DARE they. How DARE they make me even think twice about being excited about this period of time!!

So, I say people should focus on how to bring this shameful company to its knees instead. And yeah it can be done its just a matter of figuring out how…


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