AkaDong Fancafe Announcement about JYJ/HoMin Controversy TRANS

Hello. This is the chief admin of AkaDong.

Although  it was more difficult than expected, 2010 has already come and gone and  we are now in the new year. I wish everyone a happy and healthy year  ahead.

And  to all our registered members of this fan café that is for fans in their  20s who have been with us for the past seven years, I would like to say  I am sorry to be coming before you today with this kind of public  announcement.

I  would have liked for all our registered members to have been together  with us until the very end. ‘All five members are Dong Bang Shin Ki’ has  been the founding cause that has maintained this café, but since it now  seems that cannot be the case I am coming before you now with this  public announcement.

In  truth, this public announcement is no different from the one previously  released by our admins but reflects the added weight of the opinions  submitted by our members, which we predicted would be in accordance with  ours. Therefore, one could say that this announcement won’t come as a  surprise, that this public announcement simply follows naturally from  our previous steps.

Then, I now present the collective position of the admins and the majority of the registered members of AkaDong.

Early last December.

Jung  Yunho, Shim Changmin declared that the two of them would begin  activities as ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’. Through this action, AkaDong, which  was founded and justified its existence as a fan café for all five  members of Dong Bang Shin Ki fell into a crisis of identity and came on  the verge of losing our identity altogether….because now the name Dong  Bang Shin Ki in public only acknowledges Jung Yunho and Shim Changmin.

Of  course, because by the looks of things the agency (SM) and the two  members have unilaterally occupied and monopolised the name Dong Bang  Shin Ki, it will be difficult for them to gain legitimacy or acceptance  as ‘the genuine and meaningful Dong Bang Shin Ki’ in front of the other  three members, the fans and the greater public through sheer persuasion.

The  legitimacy of Dong Bang Shin Ki lies in the fact that Dong Bang Shin Ki  is an idol group made up of Yunho, Jaejoong, Yoochun, Junsu, Changmin,  and ultimately for the greater public, including the [3] members and  fans, to ‘acknowledge’ them it must happen through natural and gradual  processes it to be considered legitimacy.

Just  because the two members, without consulting the other three members who  have also rights to the name Dong Bang Shin Ki and against the wishes of  the fans, declare unilaterally that they will use the group name  doesn’t make the 2-member Dong Bang Shin Ki ‘legitimate’ automatically.

However,  the current situation is that the two members are using the term  ‘legitimate/authentic’ and declaring themselves ‘the true meaning of  Dong Bang Shin Ki.’

This is tantamount to the two members and their agency unilaterally excluding the other three members [from the group].

There  have been a number of idol groups that have disbanded in a similar  fashion to Dong Bang Shin Ki, but this is the first I have seen a  portion of the group unilaterally declare that they will continue to use  the group name. [Such a case is rare] perhaps because [most idol group  members] are aware of what it means to be considerate of their fellow  members and fans.

The two members like the three members could have easily continued their activities without using the name Dong Bang Shin Ki.

In  addition, they would have undoubtedly known that there still exists  within the fandom of Dong Bang Shin Ki fans of the three members. So, it  is only common courtesy that they at least first seek the consent of  the fans who have supported them for the last seven years about the  decision of make such a declaration.

However,  the two members have not said a single word of apology to the fans but  instead sought to aggressively establish a shaky legitimacy; this can  only be interpreted as a lack of consideration or respect toward their  fans. The only possible result of this is a large number of fans who are  left disappointed and confused.

Moreover,  if you are a fan who remembers the incident involving the agency’s  decision to ‘rotate’ the Dong Bang Shin Ki members, the declaration made  by the two members can only be all the more disappointing.

There  will also be those who remember the negotiated document released by the  agency and the five members. That document expressed the desperation of  trying to keep the five-member group intact even in the face of the  existence of 13-year unfair contracts.

The  fans of the two members have chopped out the part mentioning the 13-year  unfair contracts and are using it to distort the truth, which truly  renders one flabbergasted.

The  five members for sure, but also the members’ parents who requested the  fans help in protecting the members, the fans who didn’t sleep in order  to watch over the five members in the Yonhap Home (sorry, dunno how to  translate this…literally means collective home), will remember the core  idea of that document, which is as follows: ‘The group Dong Bang Shin Ki  and its meaning is composed of Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun,  Kim Junsu, Shim Changmin. And whatever value or influence created will  be attributed to all five members. Because of that if even one among the  five is excluded or a new member is added, the result cannot be Dong  Bang Shin Ki.’

Also,  there are those who remember that the negotiated statement above in  that document was requested to be made legally binding by both the  agency and the members, and Jung Yunho’s father et al. directly  requested the admin of AkaDong to put up the content of that document on  the Yonhap Home/collective homepage (?).

It is  an understatement to say that the declaration that the two members will  use the name ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’ has left not only the three members  but also the fans dispirited. If fans ever have to use the term  ‘betrayed’ it would be for a situation like the current one.

Clearly,  when [fans] remained silent at the unbelievable situation where the  three members came out of the agency whilst the two remained, [the  agency and the two members] have flung the word ‘betrayed’ all too  freely upon concluding that the three left due to ‘cosmetics’.

All  the current fan cafés carrying the name Dong Bang Shin Ki are supporting  the position of the three members, criticising SM for their unfair  contracts, and continue to do so. This is to say that the fandom is not  accepting the position of the agency and the two members.

“Why?  Because there are still a lot of registered members within the fandom  who are fans of the three.” Those who say this have no right to talk of  ‘truth’ or ‘justice’.

If  you [SM] truly believed in your position, you would have demonstrated to  the Dong Bang Shin Ki fandom openly in a justifiable manner backed by  evidence that you never imposed unfair conditions upon the members.

However,  the fans of the two members posted on the Dongnaebangnae domain a  demand that the three members take full responsibility for the current  situation, stating, ‘although the agency is at fault…’ as their premise.  This is because even the fans of the two members cannot support the  claim that the agency is trustworthy.

Even  when the five members were active together [in one group], the majority  of fans regarded SM with deep distrust, and the controversy surrounding  the rotation only made it deeper still. Notably, at the time, the fans  of Jung Yunho were especially well-organised in airing their distrust  and dissatisfaction of the agency and led the way in opposing it; this  must not be forgotten.

The  fan community centered around the two members have posted all sorts of  distorted information on the three members attacking their characters;  this is no different from strengthening the side of the agency by  diverting attention away from the central issue of unfair contracts and  betraying their very selves.

In  addition, the court has clearly decided that there are reasonable  grounds for upholding the request of the three members [regarding  contract suspension] so that while the lawsuit is ongoing the three  members are free to pursue independent activities and their agency  cannot hinder them. Also, the Fair Trade Commission has issued a warning  to the agency regarding its unfair contracts, and the agency says it is  in the midst of rectifying their errors in accordance with this  warning.

In  light of these facts, one can only conclude that the agency cannot  support its claim in an honourable way that it never issued unfair  contracts when faced with the strictly legal standards of truth.

Through  a formal interview, the three members revealed a year and a half before  they filed the lawsuit that they were considering leaving the agency.  Moreover, they said it was not just because of the unfair contract but  also because of insults against [the three members’] humanity, which was  even more severe [than the unfair contract].

Also, even before the lawsuit  became a hot controversy there were more and more fans aware of this.  Through this, many fans have come to not understand the position of the  two members who stayed in the agency and felt they were betrayed.

However, the fans of the two  members have labelled the three members and their side as the traitors  and have taken it upon themselves to convince others of this. The  distorted account of the 625 meeting is their only evidence, as far as I  know. I have heard the correct and comprehensive account is in the  process of being formatted before being put up.

What  is certain is that there are fans who say that the two members were  betrayed and there are fans who say that the betrayers are the two  members, since it was already well-known a year and a half before the  lawsuit that the other members wanted out of the agency. (this part is  slightly confusing…I’m not sure I’ve got it completely right)

In  effect, a lot of complicated reasons converged into actions. This is to  say that none of this was a conspiracy on the part of the three members  to turn the tide of public opinion overnight.

Then,  as everyone knows, the two members proceeded to attack the three  members through official documents and statements. To this day, the  representatives of the two members continue to attack the three members  non-stop in writing. They are trying to severely ruin the image and  reputation of the three members.

In  light of all this, no one can take seriously the agency’s position that  [the agency] is doing working to encourage the three members to return  to the agency.

If  you [the agency, aka SM] truly desired to reunite [with the three  members], you wouldn’t have used the long one and half years to cripple  them with your attacks.

And  because SM has a history of losing in court against its signed artists  when in such conflicts, the fandom is supporting the three members all  the more in this context.

And,  notwithstanding the evaluations of the press on the matter, the value of  Dong Bang Shin Ki in terms of internal and external economic impact  exceeds many billions of won, which leaves one in no doubt of the value  and power of the name Dong Bang Shin Ki. At the time, Dong Bang Shin  Ki’s fame in Japan was at its height.

So  the idea that only the three members ignored this fact and for the sole  reason of a cosmetics business desired to leave the agency and give up  their group is so ridiculous that one wonders how much persuasion would  have been needed. Even the three members revealed in an official  interview how frustrated this idea made them.

Furthermore,  the reason why the fandoms using the DBSK name—even whilst criticising  the agency, even in light of the position of the two members who stayed  with the agency, even in the light of the fact that the group is de  facto broken up—have thus far not taken a path that compromises the  independence of this fandom is because ultimately the fans clearly  understand the value in the name Dong Bang Shin Ki….Because a fandom  that supports each of the five members in their activities,  understanding that it is these people that make up ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki’,  will project more power.

At  this point we were willing to cover up the internal divisions happening  within the Dong Bang Shin Ki fandom with formalities in order to coexist  despite the factions.

It  was also because the fans recognised that each of the five members had  the right to claim the ‘value’ in the name Dong Bang Shin Ki that the  fans didn’t step forth to break up the fandom.

Although  we can’t put the nail in the coffin with regards to the chances of a  reunion, the group as it currently stands is in all practicality broken  up, but the fans were not willing to break up this fandom because under  the banner of the ‘Dong Bang Shin Ki fandom’ we wanted to benefit all  the members equally and be considered their gain.

However,  when the two members announced that they intend to use the name Dong  Bang Shin Ki for themselves it became impossible for this fandom its  current format to equally support all five. In other words, with that  declaration this fandom lost all means to persevere under the current  cover of formalities.

At  one point the three members stated that while they still considered  themselves Dong Bang Shin Ki members they would continue activities  under the project group of JYJ because they are aware Dong Bang Shin Ki  signifies five. I would like to ask the two members what they think of  this conduct by the three members, if they can’t see that this is the  way to show respect to the fandom.

Also,  another thing that added to the disappointment is that the two members  are promoting a title song that is attacking the three members. Although  fans are seen as ‘mindless bufoons’, we can’t be expected to ignore the  veiled attacks members of a group make to their fellow members and leap  for joy; we are not such thoughtless people.

It is  possible that the three members who are trying so hard right now to  convince themselves that what they see the two members doing was forced  upon them by the agency, it is possible that these three will be one day  able to understand the actions of the two. Because they were at once  friends and colleagues. And it’s possible they will all forgive and  forget.

However,  for the fans and the general public, the conduct of the two members  will leave ‘such an impression’ (this is being used sarcastically) that  it will billow into a big controversy.

It is  too much to think of…that within the same fandom, fans of the two  members will be singing a song attacking the three members. This is  something that cannot be tolerated.

Until  when the other Dong Bang Shin Ki fandoms will continue uphold the  original cause even in light of these facts and until when they’re going  to try to maintain the current situation, I do not know. But even if we  all continue in this manner with the way things are, our AkaDong is  revealing now that we simply cannot.

Last  year December, when the two members announced that they would continue  activities under the moniker Dong Bang Shin Ki, our café closed off the  majority of our menus and posted a public notice calling on all its  members to deliberate together our identity.

And  in order to receive all the opinions and comments of our registered  members, we moved to a new board and even thought of removing the name  Dong Bang Shin Ki from our page.

Yet,  upon hearing the song sung by the two members attacking the three  members and feeling an overwhelming emotion, we came to the decision  that we could neither support nor represent the two members who  dismissed so easily all notion of respect for their fans whilst using  the Dong Bang Shin Ki name.

Henceforth, this café will erase the names of the two members and continue as a café for the three members.

And  because the three members have every right to the name Dong Bang Shin  Ki, which the fans acknowledge in accordance with the court, we will  highlight that by not taking the name Dong Bang Shin Ki down [from our  page]. Therefore, our foundational concept will be either ‘JYJ from Dong  Bang Shin Ki’ or ‘JYJ in Dong Bang Shin Ki’.

Though  it is true that there will be no references to the two members within  the café coming from the café administration, we will allow discussions  about the two members that do not veer into profanity and personal  attacks because we realise that the agency and the two members’  representatives will continuously attack the three members, so it will  be impossible to avoid bringing them up entirely.

This  means we are going to put our best efforts into supporting the three  members. Depending on the circumstances, our methods will be public and  aggressive.

Finally,  I would like to ask SM Entertainment. Even if they are artists who have  brought public criticism upon you, if you use other artists (who are  colleagues) to attack the artists that brought you public shame, public  opinion on those other colleague artists cannot be positive.  Undoubtedly, as a professional entertainment agency that fosters human  talent into starts you are well aware of this.

So  what is this? Using members of a group who for a long time shared the  same meal to attack and belittle their fellow members in such a inhumane  manner. Why is it that we’ve come to expect such behaviour only from SM  Ent.?

And  using the two members like this to bring down the three members, is this  really for the good of the two members? Is that the best you can do?  Have you completely abandoned thinking about the image of the two  members in your pursuit to protect your corporate assets/investments?

If  you truly do not think of celebrities as products, and as an agency that  fosters idol groups to capture the majority of the teen fan-eligibles,  it would have been nice if you could at least pretend to take on the  responsibility and position fitting of this society.

Source: jyj3.wordpress.com ( Translation source )

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