My sis thinks Jaejoong is cute. She hasn’t seen the other members yet

This really isn’t a full blog post. I just wanted to post about what happened yesterday.  I got up and I usually close my laptop.  But this time I just got up and left it open on the couch.  My sister, who was sitting next to me, said “Ooh! Who’s that? ”  I came back in the room and said, “That’s Mr. Kim Jaejoong.”  And she said, “He’s cute!” I said, “I know!” LOL.

I explained to her that this was the guy who’s picture I have of him as a little kid as my cellphone wallpaper.  I told her he was part of a group.  She said, “You like him?” I said, “I like the whole group”, which I do.

She asked me if he could sing. I said, “Of course he can. He has his own style”.

My sister doesn’t know that kpop exists.  She doesn’t know anything about the Asian music scene, she just knows I like watching “the asian channel” (aka KBS World) every now and then.

Sooo, of course you know I leave it up on purpose when she’s around me and I catch her eyeballing him every now and then. LOL.

Before Jaejoong, I had a pic of Yoochun as my laptop wallpaper. Junsu’s turn will be next month. Teehee!

This is the pic of Jaejoong on my laptop:

jaejoong cute black and white

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Black haired Jaejoong!! EEEEEE!!! *runs around the room like a 13 year old girl* Haha!

Only black haired Jaejoong, red haired Junsu and long haired Yoochun can make me do that. 🙂

Just wanted to share that little irrelevant thing. 😛

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