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Conclusion UPDATE2: According to sources watching the case, SM apparently delayed the court proceedings again. Last week, they initially requested to delay the hearing today and was rejected. A witness who is the financial manager at SM didn’t show up. The court delayed the hearing until March. Ridiculous.
1/12 SM’s defense applied for the change of the hearing date
1/14 JYJ’s defense submitted the written appeal as scheduled (meaning that JYJ’s defense did not agree on postponing the appeal date.)
1/17 Court decided to proceed [with] the hearing as scheduled
SM’s defense added the financial managers of SME as their witness
1/18 Scheduled date of the 3rd hearing
1/18 One of SM’s witness did not appear in court. Because of this absence, the appeal was postponed to March

In breif,
– The witness who did not appear in the the court today is SME’s witness.
– The absence of SME’s witness shows that who is responsible for the delay of the hearing
– JYJ’s defense asked the interim ruling or partial ruling for the case because the longer delay of ruling hampers JYJ’s entertainment activites.


Korean Ministry of Justice:
Building #5, Gwacheon Government Complex, Jungang-dong1, Gwacheon-si, Kyunggi-do. Republic of Korea
email: webmaster@moj.go.kr

Korea Seoul District Court:
Seocho-gu Seocho-dong 1701-1
Seoul 137-737, Republic of Korea

If you are going to send a letter or petition, remember to be polite
. Operation American Dream will be coming soon.
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Correction : The absent witness is a financial manager at SM, asked by #JYJ’s defence

I didn’t get any info about rumor that SM staff became JYJ witness. If I get any, I will update.If u know source of the info, let me know.

JINSM:Jan 12request to delay hearing,Jan 17request f witnesses,today their witnesses didn’t show up,after 10 min,delay was decided to March

new court date is set for sometime in March, the witness was requested by JYJ’s lawyer, he/she works amt SME.

the hearing was over in about 20 mins! SME’s witness didn’t attend the hearing. aish! SME seems like they’re trying to dealy the process

JYJ Good Morning show is Jan 19, not 20, b/c the hearing of minister nominee on Jan19, the reason of the JYJ show’s delay, was canceled.

@ “JYJ SM staff here as three new witnesses-yujin said JYJ’s side has 3 new witnesses FROM SM!” 😮

Today’s not the end/decision day, it’s the last chance SM/JYJ have to present their case. JYJ’s law request for interim desicion #JYJwin

CassieForumSG by black_autumn
[UPDATES] The hearing is 3pm KST JYJ will not attend #JYJwin
jyjlove1111 jyjlove1111
JYJ to appear on SBS Good Morning show tomorrow. 9:20~10:40am Korean time.

@ Today’s hearing is abt penalty SM requested to JYJ, however JYJ side requested mid verdict^^ hope court give out mid verdict

[UPDATES] The finally handing up of documents will be done to day. Please support JYJ~

the lawyer of JYJ had asked to give at least interim judgment today. Whether it will be accepted is up to the judge. We will see.



18 Jan was originally supposed to be the date for pleading. On 12 Jan, SM brought forward a petition to delay the date for pleading. On 14 Jan, JYJ submitted their preparatory documents ( SM’s petition to delay the pleading was disapproved and they were supposed to go ahead with the original planned date). On 17 Jan, the Court decided to hold the pleadings on the 18th as originally planned. The person in charge of finance at SM appealed as an eye witness. On 18 Jan, this same person did not make an appearance at the pleadings. This became the reason why the date for pleading was pushed to March. The eyewitness who did not appear in court is not from JYJ’s side but was an eyewitness brought forward by SM. But because the person who proposed himself as an eyewitness did not turn up, the reason why the judge keeps delaying the date is cos regardless of whether he is from JYJ or SM’s side, it will not make a difference to this decision. For JYJ’s side, because the judgement keeps getting delayed, after hearing this decision which will be a blow to their entertainment activities, they are appealing to the judgement group to first release a part of their decision (not the final decision with regards to the case, but what they have decided on so far). This is an upload of what happened during this incident. – Trans by: @christabel88

The court record, now available on the court homepage, says the witness who did not show up was requested by SM. – @jyjlove1111

The JYJ vs SM lawsuit has dragged on and on. Yet who is the real culprit behind this? Civil conciliation and witness requests, which are being pinpointed as the cause of the lawsuit’s lengthy drag, were all filed by SM. – @jeeelim5

Source: http://www.soompi.com/forums/topic/355679-official-the-jyj-thread/page__st__820

According to JYJ January Schedule, soon we will have ”The sentencing of Litigation Lawsuit” between JYJ and SM in January 18th.


There are three kinds of court (District court, High court, Supreme Court) in Korea. All kinds of trial about civil suit start at the District court.

Their Trial is progressing in the District court.

The trials are a counter suit. Therefore, they progress two lawsuits at the same time.

– The 1st trial is that SM sued to JYJ. So SM is a complainant, JYJ is a defendant. It’s about the contract is existed and the compensation for damages.

– The 2nd trial is that JYJ sued to SM. So JYJ is a complainant, SM is a defendant. It’s about the contract isn’t existed and demending to refund unfair profit.

They are directly-opposed lawsuit. But it’s like two sides of the same coin. So they’ll judge both of them together.

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