JYJ rises higher in Busan, Businesses making boatload of money around concert

Oh yeah. Busan (Pusan) turned in JYJTown as thousands and thousands of fans converged on the city for the JYJ concert held June 11 2011.

The fans obviously had a great time, but he guys also seemed to have had a great time too.  Check out a clip of Yoochun’s great time:

Tee hee! Now, now, don’t get jealous.  These are gorgeous young men. Let them have fun too!

Fancams are all over the place and concert goers are probably getting their fan accounts ready as well.  While they do that, there are things we already know. Busan had a JYJ boom around this JYJ concert.


Before the concert was even held, translated reports out of Korea stated that the venue of JYJ’s concert, Sajik Indoors Gymnasium, pulled in its highest profits in 10 years.  And not just the venue!  

Hotels around the area were totally filled with fans from all over the place.  Certain hotels were booked for weeks for this event.  Thousands of people came just from Japan alone.  

With the influx of people, other shops, restaurants and eateries have obviously seen a bump in business.    Aside from regular flights, charter flights were specifically increased to fly fans in and out of Busan for the JYJ concert.

This concert comes a few days after JYJ held a charity concert in Japan where proceeds went to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.  It is also the first time in a long while since JYJ held a concert in their home country, as they have been raising their profile and gaining invaluable experience in the U.S.

There will be fan accounts to come, I’m sure!


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