Sajik Indoors Gymnasium made a daebak (T/N: a Korean word for great success) with the JYJ Concert.

On the 10th, the City of Pusan’s Gymnasium Facilities Management Industry Office revealed that when combining the 10% of entrance fees which it receives as the rental fee and also the exclusive usage fee, the total profits are over 200,000,000 KRW (approximately 200,000 USD). For the 2-day concert, about 20,000 tickets that average 100,000 KRW (approximately 100 USD) each have become completely sold out. Such profits are about 6 times of Seo Taeji’s Pusan concert that was held in June of 2009 (audience if 5000, rental fee 33,000,000 KRW i.e., approximately 33,000 USD). Sajik has raised its largest profits in ten years for a single event.


For this concert, the City of Pusan’s Gymnasium Facilities Management Industry Office is making double assurances to prepare for potential safety accidents. Underneath the floor (area 100 square meters) on which will be placed stage equipments weighing 10 ton, about 280 steel columns with the height of 2.1 meters and diameter of 60 mm have been placed. This reinforcement construction took place over 3 days and the expenses of 8,000,000 KRW (approximately 8,000 USD) was borne by the concert-holder.

The audience seats that was attempted to be installed on the floor of the gymnasium at the time of planning were also cancelled to prevent safety accidents. This is due to the concern that if the hundreds of the audience members who could not contain their excitement jump all at once the floor would not be able to support the weight. They are also preparing for the potential accidents that could occur during the concert. On the day of the concert the safety employees, by themselves, will number about 200, and about 70 of the Office’s employees will be on emergency watch for the entire duration of the concert.

The Director of City of Pusan’s Gymnasium Facilities Management Industry Office Jung Kwonyoung asked: “Because this is a big event that has over 3,000 foreigners coming, we are doing our best in making the event proceed (smoothly). Because the first performance on the 11th coincides with the Sajik Baseball Field’s professional baseball game, the viewers of the concert and the baseball should use public transportation.”

Source: Gukjae Shinmun
Translation Credit: JYJ3



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