Guess who attended the JYJ MINE photo exhibition August 12th?  Yoocheon and Junsu that’s who!  The two greeted fans who came to take a look at various photos and vids based around JYJ’s recent tour.

One reason for the exhibit, according to the members, was because they wanted to share their experiences with Korean fans. 

The photos are from all over including the U.S., Canada and probably Asian countries like Thailand and Taiwan where JYJ held concerts earlier this year.

According to translated reports, JYJ’s statement on the matter included the following:

“We wanted to share with my Korean fans the thrilling recollections of interacting with so many fans while traveling across America, Canada, and Asia for two months. We hope it’ll be an opportunity to share JYJ’s honest passion towards music and thankfulness toward the fans.  Insadong is a place that gives off a special vibe, so we are looking forward to this photo exhibition”

Jaejoong couldn’t attend because he was shooting for the popular romantic comedy Protect the Boss.

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