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“KBS Concert Founders” JYJ “Revived” With the Closing Ceremony of the Track and Field Championship

As KBS has decided to air the Closing Ceremony of the 2011 Daegu World Track and Field Championship, it is forecasted that a performance by the group JYJ, difficult to be seen on broadcast, would be seen (by the public).

KBS Sports Department Head Park Youngmun revealed on the afternoon of the 30th to Star News: “On 9:10pm on September 4th, we plan to air the Closing Ceremony for one hour, including the 400m Men and Women Relay Awards Ceremony.”

The reason that this Closing Ceremony is gathering attention is that JYJ has been chosen as its Performer for the Post-Meal Event. JYJ will rise to the stage of the Closing Ceremony with DJ Koo and such persons.

JYJ had few chances to appear on a broadcast stage. Recently JYJ attempted to hold a celebratory performance as honorary ambassadors for the “Challenge! New 7 Wonders, This is Jeju” which was broadcasted by KBS. However it foundered.

On the other hand, the Closing Ceremony will be 1 hour, including the Pre-Meal, Post-Meal and the Official Events.

Source: Star News
Translation Credit: JYJ3



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