Junsu Sexy and Handsome Says Tears of Heaven CoStar

junsu tears of heaven

On January 10 at Seoul’s Namsan Arts Center, ‘Tears of Heaven’ actor Brad Little complimented Kim Junsu in an interview at today’s open rehearsal press conference, full with feelings of anticipation towards his fellow musical co-star.

“Junsu is a sexy and handsome young man who has interpreted the character Joon very well, so he really suits the role. There was a scene where I had to be angry at him, but because I was so immersed in the role, I felt a sense of jealousy for him. An American pop singer, Cher, received the an Oscar award through a musical, so for Junsu, I believe that something similar will happen to him too.”

He also added, “As this is my first time acting with Junsu, but I think it has been a really great idea. When we act together, it’s very interesting. There are many American pop singers who have gone into musicals as well.”

As a primary musical actor for Broadway with his world-renown role of the Phantom in ‘Phantom of the Opera’, Brad Little emphasized that, “An aptitude that a musical actor must have is the ability to present their acting naturally on-stage in front of an audience. Junsu does this particularly well. Second is the ability to communicate with the audience. As a singer, Junsu frequently has that type of exchange with the audience, so there’s no ounce of doubt in that aspect.”

Lastly, he added, “Junsu has a beautiful heart. Whether it’s practice or acting on-stage, he is able to naturally convey his emotions to the audience, so it’s not a problem for them to identify him as an actor. The age-range for Junsu’s fans will definitely increase through this musical.”

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