Jaejoong has bacterial infection, according to reports

Translated reports out of Korea today say that JYJ member Jaejoong  posted to his twitter account that he has a “bacterial infection that grew on my arm”.  In his twitter post June 20, he asked for everyone to “be careful of the heat and stay clean.”

People are worried about Jaejoong’s health in general because he’s naturally very slim and he’s been flying all over the place this month and performing concerts, directing performances and serving as the director of JYJ’s Asian concerts.

Translated version of Jaejoong’s full twitter post:

Are you guys all well? I’m fighting off both the heat and a bacterial infection that grew on my arm. Everyone, be careful of the heat and stay clean! (Be careful of food).

To him I’d say, get better very soon!  Don’t worry your family so much. Plus, you have to take care of JiJi! 🙂


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