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So I was lucky enough to snag 4th row tickets to our beautiful boys’ Vancouver concert. My sister and I were completely overjoyed, and we could not wait!!!

On our way to the stadium, we kept seeing Asian girls everywhere, and we just kinda assumed that all those girls would be going to the concert, lol! It was kinda funny how we had eye contact with all those girls on the skytrain like, “You’re getting off here? Well, so am I!”. The moment we walked outside of the skytrain, there was so many people lined up around the stadium that I didn’t even want to try and see where the line ended. D:

Once we stepped into the stadium, I had a rush of excitement and amazement. I couldn’t believe I would be seeing these precious men so suddenly! As someone who has liked them deeply for six years, you could imagine what I was feeling, yeah? But to be honest, since I sat and waited long for the show to start, I just kinda chilled out. At one point the stage went WOOSH really loudly with steam coming out and it really scared me! I thought the show was starting but it didn’t… such a tease.

When it did start though, we all stood up and it was getting good! It made me feel like going clubbing, LOL. I was jammin’ along to their songs and it was just so much fun!! Seeing them so close in body and not over video or pictures felt so unreal. They looked mostly the same to me though. But Jaejoong is an awful lot skinnier. Yoochun is really skinny too, and really pretty! He smiled so much. When he sang, he kept doing this funny and cute winky/squinty kinda face. Junsu, who is my major bias of all time, is just sososo cute. I could not take my eyes off of him! I really just wanted to jump on the stage and kidnap him. ):

Their performances are so super awesome! Junsu’s dancing.. I got to see it on stage. LIKE, OMG. And their voices live are amaaazing!! I felt myself being moved by their voices, especially in ‘Fallen Leaves’, ‘Boys Letter’ and ‘In Heaven’. The other songs were amazing too, but it was those three songs that completely blew me away. I felt proud to be a fan of such a godly group of men. Ya know what I’m sayin’?! YEAH.

Our seating area is where Yoochun stood most, so my sister was really lucky since he’s her bias. I had to keep looking over the middle of the stage to look at Junsu. ): I was happy for her, so I have no regrets.. and because Junsu totally came onto our side and right in front of my eyes, did that sexy hip dance of his during ‘Be The One’! XDD Lucky for fellow Junsu fans, my sister captured that moment in a fancam, which I will gladly share with you!

JYJ_ Be The One (Clickie for Junsu’s sexy!)
It’s around 2:33 ;3

I also have for you, Yoochun’s sexy solo! They weren’t kidding when they said they’d make this tour a little extra sexy. The female backup dancers were gorgeous! They had beautiful faces AND hot bodies, so I’m sure the boyfriends of the JYJ fan girls that got dragged along had something to enjoy, LMAO. I especially liked them when they danced during ‘Pierrot’. That had to be my favourite choreography. Even though the boys were on the stage, it was actually hard for me not to watch the girls too! xD

Still In Love – Yoochun’s Solo
You so jellin’ right now, LOL.

One of my favourite dances would have to be ‘Mission’! When they pulled their jackets open, Yoochun must have accidently ripped the shirt inside as well.. because he revealed to us his skinny naked-ness, LOL. My sister was totally delighted, ahahaha!

JYJ_ Mission (Yoochun half nakie, LOL)

The part I looked forward to the most was probably the ‘Be My Girl’ dance-along! Once the song played, I got so hyped up! I didn’t really know the choreo completely and I probably looked completely silly, but I still did it anyway.. even though it was just my sister, me and these really cute ajummas who were the only ones who I saw dancing to it in our area. The audience seemed totally quiet! It was so weird. They were either too shy, too busy recording the boys, or just didn’t know the choreography and didn’t want to make a fool of themselves. I don’t know. We tried to ignore that and continued to dance..

BUT! BUT!!! This really broke my heart… Yoochun came along to our side and was dancing with this big smile, trying to get people to dance along. Then when only us few people moved, he kinda stopped dancing, gave this awkward smile and just sang. His expression was kinda like, “Why is nobody dancing?” D: It doesn’t stop there.. During the 2nd chorus, Junsu ran to our side this time and he was jumping and dancing but when he saw our motionless crowd, his face fell a little and he looked disappointed. T_T

That was really the only thing that didn’t make the concert as fun as I wish it’d be (and the fact that I didn’t get their eye contact. Jokes, I’m just dreamin’! QQ). I felt as if we didn’t give them enough loving );.. So bring your jam to the concert, girls and boys!

I really didn’t want to leave once it was over. It felt like it went by way too fast for me! But those two hours were definitely precious. I can’t wait to be able to see them again someday (: I’m going to make sure I get front row seats the next time, LOL! Well then, thanks for reading! I would want to tell you more, but because I didn’t have time to write this late fan account, I couldn’t recall as much as I would have liked. D: I hope you all had/have an amazing time as well!!! <3

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