According to translated reports out of Japan, the company JYJ once accused of coercion has threatened to “take legal actions”  against Yokohama Arena if they allow JYJ to perform a charity event to raise money for the devastated Japanese earthquake victims.  I’m not kidding.

Reports are circulating that avex is trying to stop JYJ from raising money through a concert for Japanese victims, and that they pressured a newspaper to pull a story promoting the charity event.

To be so hateful as to not allow JYJ, a Korean group, to help raise money for your people in the midst of a national tragedy seems totally reprehensible.  The group members have already donated over half a million ($530,000) U.S. dollars for Japanese victims.

The Japanese company has behaved in an utterly disgraceful and disgusting manner in this instance, and the company is taking heavy criticism not just from the fans of JYJ.  But this isn’t the first time avex has been subject to criticism. 

Observers say avex initially blocked JYJ from performing in Japan in order to cut a deal with their former Korean management company, SM Entertainment, which then allowed avex to gain access to other SM artists.

In a statement released late last year after the blowup with avex, representatives of JYJ said the following:

Avex attempted to coerce the trio to comply to changes in the contract, but when the trio refused to agree to such conditions, Avex announced a halt in their activities with no regard to the trio’s opinions.

Avex put forth conditions that were unfair to the trio unlike their previous contract, and when the trio refused to accept such conditions, Avex stated the gang ties of the head of C-JeS as a reason for canceling the contract.

This can be seen as Avex taking all the money that they can from the TVXQ trio and then proceeding to create a situation that makes it impossible for the trio to sign on with any other agency in Japan, thus blocking the trio’s path with regards to Japanese activities.

avex appears to care more about furthering their personal grudges against JYJ than caring about their own Japanese people.  For JYJ, this isn’t a spur of the moment thing.  JYJ (actually all of  TVXQ) are very beloved in Japan.  All the members worked for years to learn the Japanese language and put forth much effort to be accepted by the Japanese people. 

JYJ member Jaejoong even costarred in a Japanese drama, Sunao ni Narenakute, with famous Japanese actors and actresses.

avex also released material for the fans to buy, but purposely blocked that material from being ranked on Oricon, the biggest chart in Japan.

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