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The evident feeling of Spring that was felt was override by the Bangkok concert on 3rd April which was held during the hot summer of  exceeding 30 degrees.  Fans are seen entering into Impact Arena every now and then without any complains about the hot weather and about more than 10, 000 fans were present at the venue. (site note: other reports put the figure at 22,000)

The star that fans have been waiting for was JYJ. On this day, JYJ was to hold their first kick-off of their “JYJ World Tour Concert in Bangkok, Thailand” was part of their promotion for their “The Beginning” album that was released last October and thus marking the returning of the king.

This JYJ performance consists of a vibrant staging with stuctures like the revealing of their new songs which doesn’t allow one to cast their attention to other places other than the stage. The performance consisted of songs like ‘Mission’, ‘Nine’, IDS’, ‘Nameless Song Part 1′ and many more songs from their album ” JYJ Music Essay” which topped chart as best seller for the first half of this year. In addition, they revealed, for the first time, 4 new songs namely, ‘In Heaven’, ‘You’re’, ‘Get out’ and ‘Boy’s Letter’.

The purpose of this concert is more significant with member JaeJoong as the executive director for the concert. He designed the whole performance with the concept of ‘Ingenious Challenge’. For the sake of this performance, he personally directed with a magnificant stage, lightings, sounds and much more, he even went 2 weeks before the concert to Bangkok to prepare and oversee the whole preparation meticulously.

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They captivated the attention of their fans with ‘ Empty’, ‘IDS’, ”Nine’, songs from their ‘The Beginning’ album. After having performed ‘Be My Girl’ and ‘Be The One’, they moved on to peform their solo tracks they composed, allowing fans to listen to it live for the first time ever.There was a performance of  ‘I Love You’ by Yuchun. Fans reacted intensely to the song while YuChun sexily performed it with 4 other female dancers. Fans who watched the every single steps that he took on the stage, reacted strongly and thus had fun. 

Junsu showed off his unique singing talents wholeheartedly through sorrow ballad song ‘I Can Soar’.  Junsu, who gained his reputation through musicals ‘Tears of Heaven’ and ’Mozart!’ as a musical actor has effectively showed off his solo like he was performing for a musical.

JaeJoong who performed his solo track ‘Still in Love’ after Junsu also sang it passionately. After that song, the next song that was performed was ‘Nameless Song Part 1′ that was sung live for the first time ever. Especially, it is a 8-minute track that showcased the over flowing rapping skills of YuChun and received a lot of applause naturally. Was it because it was a song that speaks about their story? Their sincerity was crammed up through their voices, spilling out all the stories that they wished to tell and it can be easily seen through their faces how peaceful and the importance of stage to them. 

Afterwhich, drama OST ‘SungKyunkwan Scandal’ song ‘Found’ was performed. That song made all 11,000 fans present stood on their feet. Even though the song lyrics was in Korean, fans were singing along with JYJ.

With ‘You’re’ marking the end of the performance, the fans called out to JYJ and refused to leave the venue. At the request of fans, JYJ took the stage again singing ‘Get Out’ and ‘In Heaven’ thus revealing 2 of their news songs for the first time and the 2-hour long world tour kick-off concert ended successfully with that.

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At the venue on this day, about 11,000 fans from Korea, Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan and other parts of Asia have come to watch  their performance. A total of 22,000 fans watched this sold-out 2-day performance.

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About 30 reporters from Korea and some 300 reporters from Thailand, Japan, Singapore, Philippines, China, Japan, Hong Kong and about 40 foreign reporters have attended this concert, wanting to have first hand reporting about the concert.

One staff commented, “There are many other reporters who had come to Thailand to get reporting materials but it seems that this performance is the first time that attracted so many foreign reporters.” and “You’re able to tell JYJ’s popularity though this.”

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Source: http://www.asiatoday….asp?seq=466760
Translated by. inhye87 of withjyj @ wordpress

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