The members of JYJ recently sent a message to the people of Thailand expressing their concern and love in the wake of a massive flood disaster in more than 50 years.

The trio posted a message on the CJeS Entertainment directed towards the suffering people of the country where over 300 people have been killed.

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JYJ held back to back concerts in Japan on Oct 15 and 16 singing songs mostly written by themselves with two members almost kissing each other in front of tens of thousands of fans.

The trio performed songs not only from The Beginning album but also from their latest Korean blockbuster album In Heaven in front of a total of approximately 80,000 fans.  In Heaven has sold some 350,000+ albums despite no tv or radio promotional appearances in Korea or Japan.

For reference, everybody who wants their music to sell well in competitive media markets like Korea and Japan, are thrown into a schedule of back to back appearances on countless tv and radio shows all over the country.  When they were part of TVXQ, JYJ had a similar schedule.