Yunho To Take Part in Michael Jackson Tribute Concert in March?

News is circulating online that TVXQ’s Yunho will take part in the posthumous concert tribute to the late singer Michael Jackson.

According to the translate reports, Yunho (Yoonho) is among the list of artists from around the world who will learn the songs and dances for performances of the show in various countries. Yunho is said to be participating in the one scheduled for Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza in Seoul, South Korea.

As part of his training, Yunho is said to be traveling to the United States, the report says.

Although this quote doesn’t name a specific source, “a staff” member supposedly stated the Yunho was supposed to perform in front of audiences as part of the singer’s tour if he had lived.

The report says, “After his practice ended, U-Know Yoonho will perform in the concert ‘This is it’ on March 27 and 28 in Yongsan War Memorial Peace Plaza, Seoul.”

What’s definitely true is that Yunho is a huge fan of Michael Jackson, particularly his style of dance. He also appears to be very inspired by the humanitarian nature of the late singer; himself volunteering at orphanages and giving money for scholarships in his home town.

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