SPUR Magazine April 2010 Issue Special Interview with Changmin

The 22 year old who is shining the most right now.
The true face of Changmin, his conscientious heart.
Going behind the 22 year old whose body well proportioned and gallant face expression.

In the beginning he was puzzled for it was his first solo photo shoot. As the camera’s shutter echos his movement and expression becomes as if he was on stage.

There was voices “so handsome” filled in the studio. As he heard these words his face expression loosened and looked shy as he smiled. “I’m not really an aggressive person so i rarely open up to people i meet for the first time. The more I spend time with someone the more I can naturally get close too. It goes the same for girls. Before approaching them immediately I ask people around me ‘what kind of person is she?’ I have to research and then i come up with a plan. Wouldn’t I be carried away? no,I won’t judge just because of what someone said. I’ll try talking to her to see if the information is right *laughs*. Anyway I approach little by little.”

As he talks his eyes looked fickle and mysterious. It may be the momentary sparkle of him as hes turning into an adult.

“The girls I liked in the past always told me ‘I can’t tell what your thinking about’. I try to tell the girl that I love her so that she doesn’t feel worried and I tell her where I am, what I’m doing, with who. But does it make a girl feel worried that I don’t talk as much as other people do…? ah.. girls are mysterious to me.”

Changmin is same as every other 22 year old and is sensitive towards fashion. During the photo shoot he was saying “The color I kind of like right now is purple.” “I like this style (pg.136)” ” It’s kind of weird to say it myself but I’m tall so I try to choose clothes that makes my body-line look slim.”

As he’s choosing his clothes you can see apart of his personality.

“When I went to France, I tried on a jacket without looking at the price tag and I was like ‘this is good’ and I looked at the price tag and it was so expensive that I felt my face expression harden. I was thinking if I should buy it and I asked the store clerk ‘does this match me?’ and of course they answered ‘it matches! buy it!’ *laughs* and for awhile I was thinking if I should buy it and I thought ‘okay, i’ll buy it!’. I rarely see clothes I like that i would buy right away.”

“The thing that left memory the most recently is the movie ‘Gran Torino’.” The guy who doesn’t show his expression easily said “unconsciously i teared up” it seems like his words showed his real heart.

“Its not something specific about the story or a scene but its what the character said and did. It made me think about life.”

Then what does life mean to you, Changmin? With a face expression that cannot be explained he wrote on the table ‘?’ with his finger. “I want to find the answer but even if i don’t the time thinking ‘what is life?’ would make me grow. I believe in that so even though its an question with no answer I try to enjoy thinking about it. These days I really think positive. Back in the days even though I tried my best I felt like it was never good enough. and I used to blame myself but now even if I cant reach the level I thought I can I think ‘ it’s already something that’s done. next time ill try to not regret.’ I try to think positive, like this little by little I want to get closer to my ideal ‘a man who has composure in his heart.’ “.

It maybe his conscientious heart that makes him shine.

source: Spur (April 2010)
trans by: Rieko@sharingyoochun
shared by: DBSKnights



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