US JYJ Fans Could be Blessed with Free Concerts

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Holy $#&!  Due to circumstances beyond JYJ’s control, there’s a possibility that US fans will get a free concert from the guys!  The most current obstacle in their path is that JYJ’s P1 Visas have been denied. It means they can perform, but they can’t receive any monetary benefits for the performance.

Because of JYJ’s commitment to going forward and fighting their way through difficult challenges, they will perform the show for free and pay for it themselves according to translated reports.  Its a terrible thing that they are having such a hard time, but this could turn into a blessing in disguise.

Here’s the translated statement:

Dear Fans,

As you all know, we have not had it easy in this journey. It seemed as though every step of the way, it became more and more difficult to share our lives’ passion with all of you. Recently we were denied the ability to perform in the US by a rejection of our visa but – the show MUST go on.

In appreciation of all of you being the best fans in the world, we’ve decided to do the US Showcase Tour for FREE. Thank you for all of your loving support and understanding.

Can’t wait to see all of you very soon.

Jejung / Yuchun / Junsu

Terrible for the guys, awesome for any JYJ/DBSK fan who found themselves priced out of getting tickets to their concert. And with the concert being free, hopefully more people will be interested in their music and open to their type of expression.

CJes CEO Baek Chang Ju said:

“We are still awaiting the official reason to why their P1 visas have been denied since the band has followed every procedure required and also did their interviews accordingly. We are extremely puzzled by this matter and will continue investigations into it. For now, JYJ’s primary objective is to make sure that fans are still able to catch the showcase. Hence we have decided to step in on all costs associated with putting on the show to make sure that the events go on as planned.”

And given certain problems they’re having, what is JYJ worried about?  The fans.  Jaejoong just tweeted for fans to be careful outside the hotel where they’re staying.  They shouldn’t even be worried about that, but they are.

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