Message to JYJ: Some things need to be said

My message to JYJ (Nov 12 2010):
Keep your hearts open and your spirits up, and love you never knew existed will come find you.  Everyone has their opinion on what you should be doing but none of them can lead your life for you. 

We may sympathize but we feel terrible when we aren’t powerful enough to directly help you or to take away any  pain, confusion or stress you feel. 

When times are difficult, close your eyes and try to feel the love from those of us who you have never seen before.  Feel the respect from us who aren’t able to be outside of your hotel.  Feel the admiration from those of us who can’t run up to you on the street and get your autograph.  Feel the love from those of us who have been affected by your undying spirits.  Feel the joy from those of us who aren’t Asian, who can’t speak Korea or Japanese.

Even though your road may be difficult and will be paved with your sweat and tears, you can look back and see a clearly defined path that others will be able to follow.  To those coming from behind, you are the “hyungs” who will make it possible for them to follow their dreams, too.

If hard times happen for a reason, then let these hard times open a new world for you.

We are proud of JYJ and all of those who walk this path with you.

Some things need to be said.

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