Interview: Jaejoong’s AnAn Interview Translated; Jaejung has experienced unrequited love?

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With his trained figure and sweet decent features, one look from him will make you breathless. The idea of dating JeJung has made the hearts of countless young girls beat for him.

Starting from April 2010, he will debut as an actor in Japan on a new drama by Fuji TV, ‘Sunao ni Narenakute.’ This will be his first solo activity, and this has attracted a lot of attention from the public.

JeJung – At first, I wasn’t able to believe it, even after I received the script itself. Only after I met up with Eita and the rest during rehearsal that reality began to sink in; I felt really nervous. (laughs) Though the staff and cast members told me that it will be just fine, that I should just be myself and relax, I still felt the pressure of acting. I hope I can get used to it sooner.

In the drama, JeJung portrays a young doctor from Korea who falls in love with a girl (Haru by Ueno Juri) he gets to know through Twitter. It is a heartrending character who is in a one-sided love.

Unrequited love – of course I’ve experienced that; that’s why I feel really close to the character I’ll be depicting. I’m also the type who will want to follow the girl I’ve fallen in with, no matter where and when. I will take extra notice of those ‘tough’ girls who would say “I’m not interested in you,” even though they are. I might be an M-type* in love. (laughs) (*T/N: M = masochist. According to Japanese culture, you can either be an M-type ‘masochist’ or an S-type ‘sadist’ in love)

Being frank and warmhearted are some of JeJung’s charms. He spoke up about his past relationship without avoiding it.

There’s this case of starting out as friends, and then falling in love without knowing it. I fell in love this way, and I’m not sure why it is so. I just felt that it’s really good being with someone who is like me. A person who likes the same things and someone that I would get along with is the type that I would fall for.

The Type That You Dislike

The arrogant and unreasonable type of girl

I look forward to a normal type of romance. I’m good with housework, be it cleaning or cooking. I want to do all these for my lover. But if she is to say, “Then, you can do all of them,” I will be disappointed. (laughs) I would like it if she will say, “Let me help you with some.” It doesn’t matter if she’s not good at them. I will be happy as long as she tries.

He continued to talk about relationships. He experienced love at a very young age, and he wasn’t shy about confessing.

Confessing face to face and saying “I like you, let’s date” is really difficult. That’s why I will think of other ways to do it. For example, dropping a love letter in her bag secretly, or leaving a note saying “I like you” in a lunchbox for her – it’s better this way. I love thinking of ideas that will surprise her and seeing her shocked reaction. Now, I don’t really have the chance to confess, but I like to wishfully think of such a situation whether ‘she’ will be surprised or not.

How about continuing this kind of wishful thinking? If you have a date in Tokyo, where would you take her?

(JeJung answers immediately) Odaiba! I pass that place often because of work, but I never get the chance to visit. Therefore, I would like to go in private. The night view from the Rainbow Bridge is beautiful, isn’t it? It’s very suitable for dating. The kinds of dates that I would like to try are probably all normal things, like walking across the busy Shibuya junction hand in hand, visiting the 101 shopping mall, and so on. I’m really looking forward to this kind of dating.

Lastly, let’s focus on the drama JeJung is currently filming and hear what he has to say about it.

Now, I’m concentrating in filming the drama, but i have a strong desire in my heart to sing. The stage is where I truly belong; it’s the most important. Therefore, I still wish to stand onstage and bring joy to everyone.

* * * * *

ANAN – Behind-the-Scenes

The whole photoshoot was shown to everyone!

“I want to eat ‘Pork Chop Bento’!”

JeJung said this right after the shoot and made everyone burst out laughing. To present a perfect figure, he had restricted food consumption since the day before the photoshoot. Therefore, we prepared for him the ‘Pork Chop Bento’ that he likes.

It’s my first time being on a cover alone. Even though it’s not much, I still need to exert a lot of effort for it. I’ve been feeling anxious since yesterday…

During the actual shooting, he wanted to show a perfect expression. At the beginning, because of the cheering of the female staff members (‘Awesome!’), he felt embarrassed, that’s why the shooting had to stop. As the shooting continued, the scene entered a more relaxed atmosphere. He faced the camera and said ‘kimchi’ with a V pose and sang (that was such a wonderful voice!). The playful JeJung then slowly opened up! During the shooting, he discovered a toy hammer that was popular these days, and was playing with it happily. That look of his left a deep impression on us.

In order to shoot something that he has never tried before, JeJung himself participated by suggesting ideas as well. In fact, he was the one who requested the soft perm hairstyle.

At the end of the photoshoot, he passionately shook hands with all the staff members and said that he wanted to enjoy his reward, the ‘Pork Chop Bento,’ happily.

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