With Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu, and Park Yoochun forming the group JYJ, they successfully finished their Taiwan showcase on October 30. They accepted interviews before they left Taiwan, exposing secrets of one another.

When asked what the biggest challenge for them since they debuted, and when was their most exciting moment, Jaejoong answered with, “can we just talk about what happened this year?”, trying to avoid talking about TVXQ.

When asked about his tattoos, Jaejoong replied, “I have the letters of TVXQ on my back. Most of them are words, and I only put things on that have meaning to me.” He showed off the tattooed wings while bending over, which makes one think of his current rumor with Ayumi Hamasaki.

When asked about his ideal type, he said, “I am always surprised of girls who have pretty hands. They need to always be fresh and clean.” Yoochun remarked, “it would be exhausting for those girls!” Junsu said that he liked energetic and cheerful girls, while Yoochun likes gentle ladies who takes care of their families. But he doesn’t forget to add in, “sexy would be nice too.”

Although Jaejoong earned number 1 spot for girls wanting to “offer their lap for him to lie on”, he still believes that the popularity of the other two is higher than his. He said, “although I have the most number of rumors, those aren’t real. The girls around me normally like Junsu and Yoochun better.”

The members showed their close relationship by saying how Jaejoong has the sharpest tongue, Yoochun is crabby in the morning, and Junsu is stingy in not wanting to pay the drinking money. Junsu helplessly said, “because I didn’t even drink, and sometimes the alcohol is even more expensive than the side dishes!”

Source: [udn.com]
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