Tohoshinki (Dong Bang Shin Ki) is again proving that their music is not only massively popular, but also can get fans off the internet and into retail stores to buy merchandise. Check out this report:

On the 16th, the first best album of Korean popular dance group Tohoshinki, “BEST SELECTION 2010”, arrived at the stores of HMV Japan; and in front of HMV leading store in Shibuya, there was a long line of approximately 100 fans who were waiting for the album to be on sale.

According to the store, the majority of the queue was female with a wide range from students to housewives. The success of Shibuya store is said to be because it is the only store in the HMV chain that holds an exhibition of the members’ costumes.

Tohoshinki’s best album which comes in three different versions have taken the top 3 spots of HMV’s CD album sale ranking right after it went on sale online and in store at 4pm on 2/16.

Moreover, the other HMV stores in Japan are having a campaign called the “Supporting Tohoshinki Campaign”. The campain includes various projects such as “Tohoshinki’s Lookalike Contest”, “HMV Tohoshinki’s Popular Song Voting Campaign”, HMV Limited Original Presents “HMVxTohoshinki Collaborated Notebook”, etc. aiming to encourage customers to purchase the album at the stores.


T/N: Seems like different stores in Shibuya are competing with each other for the best album. They are having exhibition of Tohoshinki’s different outfits at each respective store in Shibuya.

HMV Shibuya

(credit: Rikachon)

Tower Records Shibuya

(credit: Max Matsuura’s Twitter)

Source: Excite News
Translation: linhkawaii @
Credits: { One World. One Red Ocean. One TVXQ! }

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