Happy Birthday Changmin! Smart-mouthed Minnie Turns 22 Feb 18th

Whose birthday is it today? Shim Changmin, that’s who!

The 100 feet tall (haha!), self-sufficient, mature-beyond-his-years Changmin turns 22 on Feb 18th. Wah~ he’s so young!

Changmin, Junsu’s religious disciple (haha!), is currently shooting his first drama series called Paradise Ranch set to air later this year.

Sure, Min will continue to give his hyungs a hard time. That’s the way it should be!  ….especially Junsu.  😛

On Changmin’s birthday, I hope he has a wonderful day full of laughter, love and food. Hopefully his hyungs will be able to look out for him and wish him a happy birthday without any interference from anyone, if you know what I mean.

happy birthday changmin


(otherwise known as, Prince Shim).

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