History in Japan Special OWNS the Oricon DVD Daily Charts (PICS)

The History in Japan Special DVD is big business in Japan, despite the suspicious actions of AVEX halting all of JYJ’s activities in Japan.

On the Oricon Overall DVD DAILY Ranking, it comes in at #1 for Sept 28 2010. In addition to the #1 spot, they also have another 5 DVDs in the top 10 on the charts going all the way back to their 1st Live tour DVD.

oricon dvd daily HistoryInJapan9-28-2010


In addition, there is a block of Tohoshinki music pwing the Oricon Music DVD chart, taking the top 5 spots (1-5). See the image below:

oricon musicdvd daily HistoryInJapan9-28-2010

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