JYJ: A Very Emotional Show at DOME as Jaejoong Junsu and Yoochun Perform, Fans Say UPDATE #4 Report

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By all accounts, it was a very emotional time when three members of the supergroup Tohoshinki (Jaejoong Yoochun and Junsu) performed for the first time on a large stage without Yunho and Changmin.

Fans report that all three were crying at various points. Jaejoong was crying and “had difficulty expressing his pain from feeling apologetic to the fans who were hurt due to the decision made by the trio.” We all know that Jaejoong is one of the last members to cry in public for any reason.

Yoochun reportedly said that during their tough time last year, he actually considered quitting (NO!). He supposedly said that in October 2009 he didn’t contact any of the members and he was worried if he could see their smiles again.



Jaejoong and Yoochun provided an assist to Junsu when they danced with him for the Intoxication performance.

The concert was almost 3 hours long which included an emotional encore performance(s) where many people were touched.

The last song they sang was an original song dedicated to their “friends” who will “always be their pride”. I think we all know who they meant.

The songlist included Colors: Melody and Harmony, Intoxication, Maze, Rainy Blue and Shelter as well as Whitney Houston song “I have nothing”.

UPDATE 1: They sang 4 new songs and 18 songs total. Jaejoong said he worried whether or not people would even come to the concert they had.
Yoochun’s hair is long (YAY!) and it was plaited with the back in a ponytail.

UPDATE 2: Even in this very low quality audio recording,I was impressed that the three could sing a Whitney Houston song, especially this one because its fairly difficult to sing. Not many American artists would dare try to sing a Whitney Houston song with notes like the ones in “I have Nothing”. I am so impressed with their courage (and with Jaejoong’s and Junsu’s chorus….wow) to sing in English too. Check out the audio below:


UPDATE 3: Fanaccount follows:

Encore MC (it was really much longer than this)

We made a lot of people sad
We made a lot of people cry
With our decision
Even though I want to say it to everyone…
Even if there’s a lot want to say, I can’t. (Jae started crying here)
We cry together, we laugh together
Us all us here in this place
We share the same feelings.

Around October last year, I thought this would all end (Micky in tears)
I didn’t talk to anyone and I really thought of leaving
But receiving messages from fans made me think about everything once again
This challenge…this frightful challenge
Until now, I’m still scared of setting out in this new path
Not just as “Micky Yuchun”
But the Yuchun that I am now
And because I receive courage from everyone
I face this challenge with courage.

We made everybody sad…
I thought this a lot

And I still think it

Being able to make music
And being able to sing your song for everyone
I think that and…
I can keep singing until I die.


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