Junsu Wins Male Rookie Award for Mozart!


Wow. In his musical theatre debut role as Mozart (or as some fans call it “Xiahzart”), Junsu took home an award!

The Musical Awards’s “Male Rookie Award” is handed out to those who have shown excellence in their debut stage performances in a musical.

According to translations, Junsu had the following to say in his acceptance speech:

“I’m happy to be able to come up here, not as a singer but a musical actor, and I will work harder to live up to this once in a lifetime rookie award that I’ve received. I give my thanks to God for letting me meet Mozart, I thank our EMK family, and I will work harder to become a true actor.”

Junsu took on the role of Mozart in an updated musical based on the life of the musical genius.



Congratulations Su-yah!

Source: [DNBN]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

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