Junsu’s father, Jaejoong’s sister and Yoochun’s mom reportedly met with the heads of TVXQ fanclubs to speak to certain rumors floating around about the three members. If you’ve been keeping up with the latest news, you’ll know that Yunho’s father ALLEGEDLY made what I personally thought were highly irresponsible statements¬†to someone who then relayed his message via the internet.

Possibly as a result of such words and other innuendo by SM, the three members have been dealing with a certain amount of criticism for speaking out for their rights.

To that end, the father of Junsu, sister of Jaejoong and mother of Yoochun held a meeting to address the situation in a broad way, and to relay the wishes of the three members.

Below is the rough translation of what they reportedly said at the meeting (in image form read on…):



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