Junsu with Viral Infection? Reports say Junsu visited the hospital after dizziness and pain

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[TRANS] 100120 Xiah Junsu Received Emergency Treatment For A Viral Infection

It was found that Xiah Junsu was once hospitalized for a viral infection.

Xiah Junsu was said to have received emergency treatment at a hospital in Gangnam after feeling unwell on the morning of the 18th. Xiah Junsu had been suffering from pain and vertigo from the day before but visited the hospital the next day when the pain became unbearable.

A representative of Xiah Junsu stated, “As he was not feeling well, we were going to go to an emergency room at a big hospital, but we thought there might be too many people there so he was hospitalized at a close hospital. We were told by the doctors that he had contracted a viral infection from an accumulation of fatigue.”

Xiah Junsu rested that day as he received a blood test and was put on an IV. It was found that he had gotten the viral infection from fatigue and not a disease. After hearing from an early diagnosis that he did not contract any big diseases, Xiah Junsu decided to leave the hospital that night on the 18th.

The representative also said, “The hospital urged him to be hospitalized for at least a week and receive treatment as well as rest. As the diagnosis was one in the early stages, a thorough examination is needed. However, if Xiah Junsu was hospitalized for a week, it would cause problems with rehearsals for his musical that starts at the end of this month, so he decided that he had to leave the hospital.”

After staying at home to rest, Xiah Junsu went back to his musical rehearsals on the 19th. As his body had not fully recovered, he decided to continue on with rehearsals while taking medication for his body. As his first performance is scheduled to be on the 26th, there isn’t much time left for him to rehearse.

Xiah Junsu will be playing the role of genius musician Wolfgang Mozart in the musical <Mozart!>. Xiah Junsu is said to have said, “This is my first try at acting. I heard that the fans have high expectations. Although my health is not at its best, I want to give them the best performance that I can.”

Source: [Korea Daily+Yuaerubi]
Translation credits: jeeelim5@tohosomnia.net

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