Jaejoong in Vancouver Canada? Are these the pics? UPDATED

Jaejoong dongbanger

Dude was that ‘Youngwood’ up in all that ice? Yep. TVXQ’s Youngwoong Jaejoong was spotted in Vancouver, Canada according to fans! 

Fans said he looked “very tired” and was very thin. The tiredness is probably mostly because of the long flight.

It’s still unclear as to what Jaejoong’s purpose for going to Canada may be. Some say he has a sister who lives in Canada. Unless it’s work related, it’s really none of our business why he’s there. 😛

UPDATE: CONTROVERSY? The following photos are the pictures which were posted on fansites supposedly of Jaejoong in Vancouver. However, there is currently a question as to whether these are actual photos from Jaejoong in Vancouver. Some fans are saying now that they don’t recognize the place in these pics as the airport in Vancouver. What’s the deal? We don’t know. But we’ll keep you updated


Let’s hope Jaejoong is taking care of himself and wish him well.

(Yes, I know the real nickname. But I call him Youngwood though. :P)

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