2Joong in Vancouver Together? Jeajoong and Hyunjoong Allegedly Spotted?

jaejoong hyunjoong
Holy grocery shopping, Batman! Is that who I think it is? Yes, again more photos have surfaced of Jaejoong supposedly in Canada. 

These photos show TVXQ’s Kim Jaejoong and SS501 hottie Kim Hyunjoong picking up a few things to eat.

And before you get all crazy, NO I don’t think they secretly went to Canada to get married. Haha! Come on now! Stop emailing me your fantasies while asking for information about these two.  Tongue out

Bottom line is that we have yet to find out where Jaejoong is, if he’s there with Hyunjoong, and whether they’re on vacation or why they are there. They could simply be on vacation and hanging out. They certainly don’t normally have a lot of free time to fly to another country and hang out together.

If Hyunjoong looks familiar to some of you who only focus on TVXQ, he should. He’s that cute guy who played “Ji Hoo”, one of the members of F4 in the famous Korean version of Boys Before (Over) Flowers.

He’s a few months younger than Jaejoong, so he has to call Jaejoong “hyung”.

Hyunjoong, be sure to take care of your hyung. He’s already skinny enough as it is.  Wink

Here’s the photo:

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