Happy Birthday Junsu!


Everybody’s favorite dolphin impersonator, Xiah Junsu, turns 25 (24 Western calendar)!  Fan celebrated his birthday with XiahDay live event and Junsu, along with his mother and father, showed appreciation to the fans for organizing the event.

He has a contagious smile, infectious laugh, very rare and beautiful voice, and a sexiness that peeks out at a moments notice!


I remember the first time I noticed Junsu. He was singing to some girl in the hilarious Banjun drama Dangerous Love. Not even knowing who TVXQ was at the time I saw it, I said, “Damn, that guy’s voice is great. He should be a singer.” …Seriously.

That is Junsu (or SuSu kekeke). He makes you take notice…especially when he has RED HAIR (which I ADORE on him).



So happy birthday sweetheart. I hope you have many more wonderful birthdays to come.

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