Yunho – DBSK Perfect Women? Part 1

Alright, so what type of woman would be the perfect woman for Yunho? I seriously put some thought into this. Yunho is (seems) very sociable, sweet-natured, respectful, resourceful and an all-around ‘people person’, you know. (no pun intended)

Though he says he wants a woman to lead him and tell him what to do, I think the perfect woman for him would be someone who is very much his equal. Instead of having some lady slap him up side the head every 2 seconds, I think he’d do great with someone who is as in control of her emotions as he is.

I don’t know, but he may very quickly get tired of some woman ‘leading’ him or telling him what to do. He needs someone who will argue with him, learn with him, challenge him but not embarrass him or publicly humiliate him.

Yunho may be a bundle of nerves on the inside, but he hardly ever lets it show. So he needs a girl similar.

What do you think? 🙂


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