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Completed the 4th Japanese album [The Secret Code], the recording for this album seems to be carry out during your busy time?

JJ: Yes, because we don’t have time for recording. This work is accomplished during the interval of our hectic schedules, this really leave a deep impression for everyone. After finishing recording, we will continue carry out other works and then go back to our recording again….. With the process of recording a song per day, the management of our physical state is extremely important for us. We need to prevent ourselves from catching cold and we also do not have any time to sleep. Due to our hectic daily schedule, we were unable to ease our weariness properly. The management of our physical state is really very important.

[TRANS] B-Pass Magazine April ’09 – New Album Interview (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)
New Album Interview [The Secret Code] 4th Japanese album [The Secret Code] 25 March, on sale
“An album dedicated to people that would have a deeper understanding of Tohoshinki”,
5 of them have made a short interview on this album production.

What did you guys do for managing your physical state?

JJ: I would sleep whenever I’m able to. I will sleep whenever there is any free time. I do have great desire to sleep and I need to replenish more water to prevent my throat from being too dry…… Although it’s a very basic thing, but it’s very important. Even though we do not have much rest, yet it’s already the 4th Japanese album. So if we continue to be like this, our health would already be familiar with it. Everyone is very striving during the free time of our hectic schedule.

YC: However, this time we have been through hardship for the recording, so those unnecessary memories are even more profound and we’ve also left a very deep impression of the “fried pork cutlet (Donkazi)” during the recording.

Fried pork cutlet!

YC: Normally we will order take away to eat during recording and that is when I started to fascinate for fried pork cutlet. I would order “fried pork cutlet” “fried pork cutlet” every time, even the instructor would ask me “How about ordering other things?”. (Smile) After finishing recording, we went to participate in LIVE and shows, then we’ll continue to record after that….. Due to the hectic schedule, I want to replenish my energy and vitality. In Japan, “kazi” means “victory”. Therefore, I would eat “(Don)kazi” to “overcome” the recording…… But I really think that it’s really very nice, this is then the most important reason. (Smile)

JS: Everything went through smoothly even though we’re very busy. It was really critical during the last part of the recording. We’ve started recording since last year, but we do have some free time in the middle. During this interval, one song is a world state of mind. I’ve experienced it very well, therefore it’s great that I can once again experience the songs.

CM: But for me, the situation isn’t that good. (Smile)

What situation?

CM: 2/3 of my recording was recorded under the cold state which resulted in the difficulty of adjustment of my voice.

According to that kind of voice?

CM: My nasal sound is very heavy.

JS: But it was very enchanting too.

CM: I can’t control my high-pitched voice properly. After hearing it, I will feel that it was different with my normal voice. So, it was a very precious album. (Smile)

JJ: Therefore, Changmin’s voice might continue to be like this as he was very familiar with the songs.

CM: I will keep on striving!

YH: Adjusting everyone’s conditions is really hard. Being able to go through smoothly is already remarkable.

Having difficulty in adjusting everyone’s conditions, not having enough time. Yet you all are still able to complete the quality assurance work at such situation, it would be even more confident for Tohoshinki in future.

YH: Yes, we’re even more confident and have more “taste” now. There is an increase of husky voice too. This is an album which has add on the new atmosphere that we’ve never did before in the past.

In opposite, the recording is carried out in accordance with Tohoshinki’s characters. So is there any fresh feeling?

YH: Yes. I hope everyone will like us in this way. Why is this album being named as [The Secret Code]?

YH: Till now, we’ve lots of songs that are able to let the audience sympathize. There are some listeners among those that understand Tohoshinki, whom will definitely understand us even more. We will be telling the listeners about those secret codes through this album…… It’s this philosophy, that’s why we named it as [The Secret Code]. Although there are lots of “secret codes”, but it will never open its gate to those people who are unable to break the codes. This is an album with the code named as “Tohoshinki”.

YC: For our previous albums, it was Tohoshinki getting near with the listeners. However, this time round with the circumstance of everyone bringing along the secret codes, we hope everyone would get near with us. This is a piece of work that will become the bridge for everyone to get near with us.

JJ: This might become the ticket to enter the profound world of Tohoshinki.

Your favourite song is?

CM: “Secret Game”. It’s a very short song and it has the same atmosphere as the Intro of the album. However, it is an intense song that has a unique effect. It would definitely enliven the atmosphere when performing on the stage.

JJ: For me, it would be “FORCE”. The lyrics consists lots of English words and it is also very cool as it has the same rhythm as the western music. The arrangement of the song is very simple and the feeling of our voices mingled together in the surrounded rhythmic melody is awesome. The atmosphere is pretty good when we sing it.

YC: The songs that Jaejoong and Changmin had said are all our new experienced songs and personally, I like “TAXI”. This song is a ballad which is filled with Tohoshinki’s feelings and I like it very much.

JS: For me, it’s “Jumun –MIROTIC-” which I have spend so much painstaking efforts on and ranked No. 1 on Oricon Chart, won the Daesang in Korea and also ranked No. 1 on the album chart in Taiwan, Thailand and France. This song is also filled with Tohoshinki’s characteristics and was recorded in this album too.

YH: I like “Nobody Knows”. It has the same mature style as the [“O” Jung Ban Hup] album (sold in Korea) and that’s why I would like to recommend it to everyone.

JJ: Although everyone has their own favourite song, but this album maintains a balance of content. 1/3 of dance songs, 1/3 of medium beat songs and 1/3 of ballads. There are Tohoshinki’s original styles and also songs with a brand new feeling. This is an album which filled with a deeper Tohoshinki in it.

Also, ARENA TOUR has been confirmed at the same time with the new album!

(All clapped)

YH: I feel so happy that we are going to release our new album and hold ARENA TOUR again. This time round, we have lots of songs which are able to enjoy it with the audiences. We wish to create enthusiastic atmosphere with everyone and we are totally looking forward to it.

JJ: We have not decided to use what kind of image to conduct this tour, but the name of this tour has been confirmed as [The Secret Code]. We wish to conduct it by using a stage that has the mysterious atmosphere like the concert name. Currently, we are totally looking forward to the stage layout and anything related with the performances. We hope that everyone could look forward to our performances.


Japanese translated: sprout
Chinese translated: Jaesica
Credits: OHMICKY朴有天中文网 + ohmicky_娜 @ TVXQBaidu + TVXQfever


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