VIDEO Tohoshinki Hirumania interview April 11

Tohoshinki (DBSK) participated in a short interview with Hirumania April 11.

The guys again showed off their funny, silly sides. Since the guys live together when they’re in Japan, Yunho talked about how they clean and do the dishes together. And of course Jaejoong chimed in saying sometimes they have to use the bathroom at the same time, drawing laughter from the people in the room.

They also got to play a little game by picking their favorite color.  According to the cute  little game, Yoochun, who picked white (shiroi)  may fall in love with an older woman which may not have a good result. *Cue the dramatic music* Notice the look on Yoochun’s face when one of the female hosts said the love may not have a good result. LOL!

Junsu, who really likes purple (murasaki), will have better inspiration and produce better songs this year. Check out the stoic and righteous look on his face when he hears that!  His “prediction” also says that he’ll be too busy to have time with his girlfriend (if he has one).

This immediately caused the jokester Jaejoong to come over to the female host to see what she was reading and asking if it were true!

“Leader-ssi” Yunho chose red (akai). According to that color choice, he is usually cool and judges things calmly. He will also get a lot of attention from older women! Duh! I could have predicted that.  This caused he and Junsu to hug since they both get attention from the ladies.

But again Jaejoong comes over and asks if it’s really true!

Either they didn’t have time to do Changmin’s and Jaejoong’s “predictions” or they cut them out.  By the way Changmin picked green (midoriiro) and Jaejoong picked yellow (kiiro).

Tohoshinki’s group “prediction” is that they would continue to rise in Japan. They, of course, all laugh and hug each other while someone yells “We have a future!”

Something cute happens at the end with Junsu. Watch the video to see.


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