Tohoshinki making a showing in B-Pass Mag Poll Results [update]

Tohoshinki, as they’re known in Japan, is making a showing in the B-Pass magazine Poll.

Questions were asked such as which artist looks like he could run a marathon and which artist would they like to spend a hot summer with.

Yunho came in #2 behind Gackt for the artist who looks like he could run a marathon.

Leader-ssi also came in 3rd for the artist poll takers would most want to spend the summer with without air conditioning. I know, these questions are interesting, ne?

Changmin also got a shout-out for best hair style in 2007, coming in at #9.

I have to say TVXQ’s maknae Changmin did look grown and sexy back in 2007 with those longish hair styles and bulging muscles.

Jaejoong was tapped at #4 as the artist you’d most want to walk in the rain with without an umbrella… ella …ella …eh ….eh. Okay. I’ll stop.

Other questions include which artist you would want to share candies with on Children’s Day (holiday in Japan), where Changmin came in 8th. Also, which artist you would want to spend New Years day with is where Junsu made the top 10 (at 10th).

Source Material: dnbn + sharingyoochun @ wordpress

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