Tohoshinki and SMAP Joint Stage Appearance

Tohoshinki and SMAP’s Joint Stage

On March 2nd finally Tohoshinki made their first appearance in Japan’s Fuji TV’s SMAPxSMAP and had a collaboration stage with SMAP members.

At the show, Tohoshinki and SMAP shared a friendly atmosphere especially at the talk corner. SMAP members asked whether they watched dorama (Japan’s drama) to practice their Japanese, and Tohoshinki’s Jaejoong answered that they did watch dorama a lot.

Jaejoong also surprised SMAP members especially Kimura Takuya who’s also known as Japan famous actor by saying that Tohoshinki’s most watched doramas were mostly ones Kimura Takuya’s starring in, then he even mentioned the titles of Kimura Takuya’s doramas he had most interest with.

Yunho gave a big laugh to everyone as he did his Bruce Lee 3 times counting, while in the other hand, Junsu’s unusual sense of humor didn’t leave any sound of laughter at all (OMGROFLMAO! poor Jun-chan!!).

After the corner talk, being dressed in black and white costumes, SMAP and Tohoshinki, respectively performed a collaboration stage of Tohoshinki’s ORICON #1 songs Purple Line and Doumini coopere Kimi Wa Suki Ni Natta Shimattan Darou? and delivered a beautiful harmony to both of their fans.

Ever since SMAPxSMAP featuring Tohoshinki was pre-recorded on January 29th, Tohoshinki’s South Korea fans had already had high expectations on this show. SMAPxSMAP is one of the most popular show in Japan not mention that it’s hosted by Japan group who’s been enjoying high popularity, SMAP.

Tohoshinki is not SMAPxSMAP first foreign guests, as world star such as Madonna, The Beckhams (??? David and Victoria Beckham???), and Will Smith ever appeared at this show as well.

Where’d you get that?

source: SPN News +
news written by: sharingyoochun@wordpress

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