Jaejoong’s Love for Fellow Members [B-PASS]

JJ: A lot of people eat “Chijimi” in Korea when it rains. (“Chijimi” is a kind of Korean food which resembles pancakes) I miss the taste of chijimi when it rains -laughs-. But I feel more hungry than relaxed when I think of the taste of chijimi.

B-PASS 2009 Apr Issue- Jaejoong’s love for the members is wanting to see them everyday (TVXQ/DBSK/Tohoshinki/東方神起/동방신기)
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Credits: B-PASS + intaon@baidu
Translation: Banana-chan@TVXQfever

Q: What does love feel like to you?
JJ: When we’re rehearsing for our concerts. I sincerely feel that the other 4 are really good-looking when I look at them on stage as I watch them from the seats. Then I’d remember that I’m a member of TVXQ too, and I feel really blessed. I’d want to see the other members if I do get a 10-day break. Because we’re together all the time normally. We only get 10 days of rest in the 365 days we have a year; we’re together the rest of the time. I would want to see them during those 10 days as well because we live together. This wouldn’t change even if I get married. My love for the members is such that I’d still want to see them, even if we meet every day.

Q: The difference between “love” and “relationship”?
JJ: “Love” is a combination of the most precious feelings; “relationship” makes one’s heart feel touched, but doesn’t necessarily result in an ending. Its more of a superficial thing.

YH: The “10 Year Plan” was written when I was in Middle School, and I never re-wrote it. Its a little embarrassing/awkward to read it now. -laughs- Even so, I’ve completed about 70% of what I wrote. I realized my dream of becoming an artiste, and I also managed to donate a scholarship to my High School last year. I’ll also work hard to achieve all the goals that I’ve written down in my list, which even the members haven’t seen.
I admire my father even if I look at him for just 2 seconds. As a man, I think he’s the “man of all men” and as a woman, I’d think that he would be “the best kind of man”. He’s a father that I’m very proud of.

Q: What are you like when you’re drunk?
CM: I’d become very talkative and happy. Alcohol is a happy thing.

Q: You play the guitar, how’s it been recently?
CM: I’ve been skiving recently -laughs-. I’ve been obsessed over Korean online games with the other members lately. The game is really popular. I became addicted once I started playing it, and I became oblivious to all other things.

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