Tohoshinki #1 at 7andy Shops dbsk028

Number of pre-orders for the latest Live Tour DVD reaches the highest record in their history! Popular Korean group, Tohoshinki’s photobook and DVD ranked first in sales in “7andy” shops. Tohoshinki is a 5-member vocal group from Korea.

They debuted successfully in Japan in 2005, and their first national tour last year was a huge success, drawing an audience number of over 150,000 people. What’s more, last year, they also made their first appearance on NHK KĊhaku Uta Gassen. They have also participated in a Japanese CM.

Their standard of singing and dance is always high, perform their songs in Japanese and are entertaining on television programmes, causing their popularity in Japan to rocket. Up until today, they have always maintained using only J-POP for their activities in Japan.

Their popularity is also outstanding in 7andy. On the DVD rankings, their [Tohoshinki 4th Live Tour 2009 ~The Secret Code~ FINAL in TOKYO DOME] DVD have ranked first place. On the photobook charts, [PLEASE BE MINE, All About TVXQ Season 3 Preview Storybook] ranked second place. Even on rankings for sales of music scores, [Tohoshinki Selection for Piano] also ranked first place.

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