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Having concluded the tour that was attended by 250,000 people, Tohoshinki speaks about their dreams from this point on.

Hop, step, jump, then leap. 2008 was the year that they jumped. All the singles that they released became number one on the charts, and also appeared on Kōhaku Uta Gassen at the end of the year. Although they were already top artistes in Korea, when they debuted in Japan in 2005, they could not really converse in Japanese, and also started out from scratch from doing small events. Tohoshinki, who jumped in their third year, took a giant leap forward on their forth anniversary, and became artistes that could draw forth 250,000 people for their Arena Tour, which included a 2-days Live at the Tokyo Dome.

–Since your Japan debut in 2005, you must have endured a lot of hardship. Since you’re currently on tour (at time of interview), what kind of growth do you feel you’ve made for the Lives? Also, please tell us the highlights of the tour.

Jejung: As expected, when it comes to hardships, it was the Japanese language. At that time, when we came to Japan we didn’t know the words, and it was very frustrating as we were unable to communicate. Being able to speak Japanese now, we can start to share our thoughts by using our own words. Being active in Japan, every year I see the tour venues get bigger and bigger, it makes me think “We’re growing slowly”. The highlight of the tour is Junsu, because he got hurt.
※Junsu hurt his foot the day before the Tour began, and the performances of the first half of the tour’s Lives were changed.

Changmin: In 2007, when we had a Live at Budokan, a sacred place for all artistes, we were profoundly and deeply moved. We really felt everyone’s power and the feeling to “Work harder” significantly increased. For the tour this time, from dance songs to ballads, Tohoshinki will present a larger variety of performances than you can imagine! For the Final in Tokyo Dome, the stage is so much bigger, so you’ll be able to see a special performance.

–You had fun on the tour and you ate delicious food around the country. Which local gourmet do you like?

Yunho: Before this, during the campaign (T/N: for TSC album) I ate crab at Sapporo. It was delicious~ I also like Fukuoka’s hot pot. Sendai’s beef tongue too; there’s a lot of delicious food.

Jejung: Hiroshima’s cold noodles! I really really want to eat it! Want to eat it!

Junsu: For me, I like Nagoya’s hitsumabushi (T/N: grilled eel dish on rice).

Yuchun: I want to eat all the different ramen in the country. I also like Okinawa’s stir-fry. Also, edamame (T/N: green soybeans).

Changmin: I want to eat the teppanyaki in Hiroshima.

–Now, time really flies, [Stand by U] is already the 3rd single that was released this year. Following 「どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう?」which was performed at Kōhaku Uta Gassen, this is a heartrending ballad. The protagonist of the song is a man who continues waiting for his girlfriend who disappeared from his life…

Jejung: I become sad when singing this song.

Yunho: For the protagonist, it’s not just his own feelings, but he is also considering how his girlfriend must have felt at that time. For her to leave without saying anything, there must have been a big reason behind it. He has to heal his heart quickly.

Junsu: To continue loving, but not be loved back. He’s in an impossible situation where he can’t do anything about it, and I feel like I can empathize a little.

–The coupling song [Tea for Two] is a happy couple song. In the lyrics there’s this line, “Even if the world ends tomorrow, I still want to keep smiling lie this”. If the world really ends tomorrow, what is the last thing that everyone wants to do?

Jejung: We’re doing interviews throughout today and tomorrow, so we’ll die doing interviews (laugh)! In that situation, every minute and every second is precious. But, I don’t really have anything special to do, I just want to walk down the streets without thinking of anything, to be able to imprint the view into my memories.

Yunho: For me, I want to meet the most important person.

Junsu: I will go to the church and pray. To repent, and to pour out all that my heart tells me to, I want to go to Heaven.

Yuchun: Together with my family, friends and all those important to me, I want to take pictures and eat together, I want everyone to laugh a lot. At the very end, I want to do a Live~

Changmin: I want to look for a quiet place and pass the time leisurely.

–Just like [The Secret Code] that was released in March, it seems that Tohoshinki’s image while singing has become more mature.

Junsu: When we started production on [The Secret Code], it already felt like that was more scope. The differences in the cultural and lifestyle habits for us have become smaller, and it reduces our worries, allowing us to focus and improve on our singing. We’re now able to express our inner feelings well, when singing.

–Now, there’s a boom among Korean women. Everyone appeared in the City of Seoul CM, if you have to talk about your travels in Korea, what are some of the hot spots that you would recommend?

Yunho: Dongdaemun would be best. You can shop for 24 hours and get discounts too, I think it would be interesting.

Jejung: I recommend Insadong. Although it’s a place where a lot of foreigners go to, it is full of interesting shops and good food. Even though I’ve only been there twice myself (laugh).

Junsu: Insadong. Eh? Jejung said this too? I didn’t listen (laugh). Then, Myungdong. It’s in Downtown Seoul, and it’s a shopping spot. If it’s outside of Seoul, Gwangju. Yunho was born here, and this is also one of the places that are considered as “kingdoms” of Korea.

Yuchun: The duck restaurant at Misari. This is a shop that we often go to secretly. It is full of cafes that have live performances.

Changmin: I recommend going to Seoul Tower (Namsan Tower) at night. The night scenery is beautiful. From such a high point, you can see the Han River, and the feeling is wonderful.

–Lastly, please tell us about Tohoshinki’s “dream” from here onwards, or your “aims”.

Yunho: Those who don’t know about Tohoshinki yet, I hope that they’ll get to know us soon. I want to know more and more people, to carry out activities at many places, and I want to perform Lives at many places too.

Jejung: I want to have a huge LED of Tohoshinki hanging on the Tokyo Tower! You can see it from any part of Tokyo, right?

Junsu: I want all the 5 members to not get injured, to keep healthy and continue working hard!

Yuchun: In 3 years, I want to purchase a cruiser, named [The Tohoshinki], and have a BBQ with everyone on board.

Changmin: I want to have a good family, to become a good father. Eh? This is not related to Tohoshinki and just my personal wish (laugh).

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