Due to a small meeting, the members arrived at the venue earlier and as if to ensure that everything goes well, they ended the small meeting early and got ready for the filming.

Amongst all this, we walked over to Junsu, who has finished his work, while holding our lunch-boxes. He was holding some food which he bought form a convenience store.

“Woah.. (His eyes start to shimmer), what are you all holding?” He asked.
“It’s our lunch-boxes,” I answered.
“You came just in time (Grinning), have you all been looking at me? Or have you all fallen for me already? Eukyangkyang (aka Junsu’s weird laughter)”

When we were worried that he has gone overboard with his cold joke, he stopped after that sentence and after awhile, started eating his lunch happily.

Soon, Yunho, Jaejoong and changmin ate their lunch while accepting the interview at the same time.

During the interview, Yoochun “exploded”! He suddenly started making the sounds of a robot, and he did it many times, not just once. While others were speaking, he would unexpectedly smile widely.

I was thinking then, what kind of atmosphere is this? Yoochun is full of energy! (Laughs)

“What’s In?” will also have an exclusive report on their current tour too.
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