Secret of the Day – Nagoya Day 2 June 20 2009
First, I have to say these ‘Secret of the Day’ things are pretty cute. Enjoy!

Junsu: Because Junsu is such an optimistic person, he plays a very important role in relieving the stress of the other 4!!

Yuchun: Yuchun will feel lonely if he eats supper alone, so he always forces the members to eat with him.

Jejung: If Jejung gets drunk, he becomes really cute!   (*db note: when is he not cute? Tongue out*)

Changmin: Changmin bathes really fast; if you get close to him, you’ll find that he smells really masculine.

Yunho: If he becomes a girl in his next life, Yunho wants to be able to cry as much as he wants.

Source: [baidutvxq]
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