No Conflict between TVXQ Members, SM Stock Drops


Contrary to certain media reports out of South Korea, the members of DBSK (TVXQ / Tohoshinki) are not fighting with each other over the fact that three members have decided to seek a better contract with SM Entertainment (SM).

As you know, Junsu, Yoochun and Jaejoong are seeking to renegotiate unfair terms of their contract. SM, according to the guys, were ignoring their attempts to take care of this problem in private. Hence, the public filings.

This conflict between TVXQ and SM does NOT mean they will disband. They are not seeking to break up in any way.

According to translated reports:

“The members just have a difference in opinion on how to resolve the problem which is why only 3 of the members have joined in, but there is no problem amongst the members.”

Along with an Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension Request, the lawyer for the three guys, Lim Sang Hyuk, have filed a Provisional Disposition Request to get the exact amount of income DBSK generates for the company and their income.

Lim Sang Hyuk says the members have never been told the exact amount of their income by SM and want to continue to keep their promises to the fans.

From their attorney:

“All the members feel the same way about wanting to protect the promises they have made to their fans. The case this time is to remedy the injustice of the contract, to be given the right to prepare their music freely under the right conditions, and stand together again before all their fans.”

If keeping one of their most profitable artists happy isn’t incentive enough, another reason why SM should find an amicable solution is that their stock price tanked after DBSK filed their requests in District court. reports that shares in SM fell sharply after the news of the conflict with DBSK. SM stock dropped 10.06%.

Daewoo Securities analyst Kim Chang-Kwon says, “For investors, it’s reasonable to worry over the news, since Tong Bang Shin Gi (DBSK) is one of the major sources of revenue for SM Entertainment.”

DBSK is one of the major sources of revenue for SM, so why SM would not be keeping these guys happy, healthy and wealthy is like shooting themselves in the foot.  Or, in this case, shooting themselves in the heart.

Any SM executive who doesn’t figure out how to keep DBSK happy should be forced to resign because everything TVXQ touches turns to gold both in Korea and, increasingly, in Japan.

TVXQ isn’t just huge in Korea, they also have an ever-growing following in Japan; Japan is the 2nd largest music industry in the world.

For example, Jaejoong does a little joke with a cute soy sauce toy he brings with him on certain tv shows. It’s popular in Japan and is based around the famous “shoyukoto” gag.

As a result, a Shoyukoto voice strap item was released for fans to buy and it is already completely sold out at the only place in Japan it’s allowed to be sold.

That’s just a small example of their influence.

And in case execs at SM haven’t been paying attention, and as we’ve pointed out before, it’s important to note that DBSK aren’t interchangeable ‘pretty faces’.  Even though they are tall and gorgeous, it is far from their only attribute.

They are artists who write and read music. They have great a cappella vocal skills. They have studied music, music arrangement, music production, etc.

They all either play an instrument or are in the process of learning to play a 2nd instrument. They all speak fluent Japanese.

Hundreds of thousands of fans buy tickets to watch them perform.

These are highly accomplished young men who cannot be relegated to the ‘eye candy’ category. Because of their hard work and loyaly, they are indispensable.


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