TVXQ has never been told by their entertainment agency, SM Entertainment, exactly how much income they’ve earned, according to the lawyer representing Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu.

Along with the Exclusive Contract Validity Suspension Request and a Provisional Disposition Request, the three members are seeking to get information about their income from SM.
The lawyer representing the three, Lim Sang Hyuk (Sejong Law Firm) said:

“The members have never been told by their entertainment agency of the exact amount of the income TVXQ earn… Usually in the case of a dispute between an exclusive contract, the people who are filing the lawsuit present a sum of money they wish to receive as compensation after going through the contract. However, the members do not, and have never known the exact amount of their income and that is why we have filed this preservation of evidence request form.”

How in the world could SM have kept information about their basic income from TVXQ? Exactly how much money has TVXQ earned for SM? Judging from the way fans have been snatching up anything even remotely related to TVXQ, including money from endorsements, concerts, etc., we’re talking about a LOT of money.

They work damn hard for everything they’ve accomplished, they work their hearts out for SM, and they should be paid accordingly. Each one of the members should all be millionaires by now.

Let’s hope the guys work out a solution. We here at dongbanger.com will support the guys no matter what they decide to do.



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