Message from Yoochun on his Birthday

Hello Everybody!

Everyone!^^ I am Yoochun who is across the sea~~
Cassies’ little cutie Micky Yoochun!!!

We’ve really not met for so long! Isn’t that so?
To be honest, it’s not because today is my birthday,
but it seems everyone seems to be doing well?~

All along, every time I see all of you, I’ve been wanting to say this…
So I’ve written this here
I believe those who’ve read these words will understand my heartfelt feelings~^^

It’s my birthday again…
I’m really thankful
no one forgot about me… all those who wished me (Happy Birthday) again!!!

On my birthday morning when I woke up my first thoughts were
“faith passes by like a shadow”
As for what it means, please take it however you understand it…^^

Reading this… are you guys!!
No matter when or where we can meet again
Everyone will still be around right?

My heart is again slowly leaning towards you…
This will let us be together always.

Goodbye… Us.

Source: [ohmicky + heyJJ]
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